Tokyo Hipster Club

Alright, can you call yourself a hipster and still be hip? Because thats what this place was actually called. I stumbled upon i twhile walking around Harajuku today (I know, always Harajuku!) and couldn’t resist. Whether the name is safe or not, I liked it. Reminded me of Bauhaus in Seattle and my dear Ace Hotel in Portland, OR., and the clothes were amazing (unfortunately almost all men’s). Laid back, artsy, slightly pretentious…I like…; )

It even has a cafe! That serves real-looking quesadillas!!! I have to try it.

It even has a cafe! That serves real-looking quesadillas!!! I have to try it.

Speaking of hipsters, I also went to American Apparel today–

So there are all kinds of American stores and brands in Japan, but seeing American Apparel here was by far the strangest. I guess from my perspective this look is such a local, Seattle and Portland thing. But everything was the exact same– the cutoff jean shorts, the white and grey striped, oversized tank tops, the sparkly gold boyshorts…What am I getting at? Isn’t it strange to think about the global nature of our fashion trends? I guess what varies is the way people wear the clothes–as far as I have seen in Japan, someone might wear American Apparel head to toe like a lot of people in Seattle, but they don’t do the mullet, mustache & no shower thing. : )

Anyways, I have a 4 day weekend so I plan to get out and explore more. Any suggestions or requests on where to go/ what to do?

ps check out this thrift store find..i was pretty excited about it..haha

its says ireland!

its says ireland!


4 responses to “Tokyo Hipster Club

  1. have you…
    walked across rainbow bridge?
    walked around jiyugaoka?
    been to enoshima island, and the nearby shonan beach?
    been to an onsen?
    climbed mt fuji?
    asked a cute jboy out to minato mirai?
    gone to yokohama’s chinatown?
    hung out with the traditional Japanese instruments club at your school?
    made your halloween costume yet?
    tried talking to a good number of strangers in public?

  2. I’m loving your photo tour and was excited to actually see YOU in a couple of photos! Does the place you were talking about “retiring” in have an actual countryside or rural feel to it? By the time you “retire”, it will probably be a thriving metropolis! Keep the photos coming and have fun. Cathy

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