This is my favorite place to shop in Japan so far.

is a “no-brand” store with an ikea-like feel. I like it better though. The store has a warm, comfortable feel, and they seem much more focused on materials and quality products – for about the same prices as ikea. You know what I mean? And on top of the furniture, housewares, and even packaged foods, they have clothes, shoes, books, bags, even glasses! My favorite is the store in Ginza – I accidentally spent almost 2 hours in there without even noticing.

Here is a link to the online store website. Unfortunately the online selection is very limited! The second link is for the MUJI Global website – which is has pretty pictures and talks about the “muji philosophy”

The Company’s basic principle is to develop new simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues.

Through the careful selection of materials, streamlining manufacturing processes and simplifying our packaging, we have continually introduced high quality Muji brand products onto the market, at lower than usual prices. Presently there are more than 5,000 Muji products sold in Japan. Muji’s natural and simple design complements today’s lifestyles perfectly.”

Designed in Japan by the renowned design team responsible for MUJI’s Japanese clothing line, the new collection, which is specifically designed for the European market, is simple and discreet. The silhouette is long, the cut loose fitting and relaxed, the effect laid back, comfortable, sophisticated.

Fabrics are natural, sometimes intriguing, always appropriate – double gauze, organic cotton melange and fine quality 140 count cotton for shirts, ‘feather touch’ pima cashmere and alpaca for sweaters, rescued ‘Ochiwata’ slub yarn for cotton jersey t-shirts and tops, lightweight yet cosy boiled wool for jackets and nylon for a range of compact, foldaway coats with removable linings for added warmth.”

When packaging products, MUJI seeks not to adorn them but rather to highlight their natural colours and shapes. For this reason, we use bulk packaging and place products in plain, uniform containers. Faithful to our philosophy of simplicity, this approach is also in keeping with our policy of conserving resources and reducing waste. Thus, all Muji products appear on store shelves in simple packaging bearing only product-related information and a price tag.”

on top of all that —you can buy a canvas bag for 50-100yen (0.50-$1.00, depending on the size), and stamp it however you like in the store! good idea huh? I think its “incredibly great.”

I hope they expand to the US by the time I have my own place to decorate!


3 responses to “MUJI

  1. I love the “layers” in the fashions there, but I don’t care for the “minimalistic” look of the furnishings. It is very Ikea-like, isn’t it? How do the prices compare?
    You are doing a wonderful job with the photos and narrative, BTW.

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