Costco Japan (Yokohama)

Globalization at its finest


first time seeing shopping carts in Japan (rather than baskets)

first time seeing shopping carts in Japan (rather than baskets)




: )

first time to see a bottled-water only vending machine in Japan

first time to see a bottled-water only vending machine in Japan

how trusting!

how trusting!

first time to see food like this in Japan!! ::jaw drops::

Sigh, that pizza really killed me. I like my healthy lifestyle here but…MMM…. I think I’ve been away too long because seeing things like giant bags of tortilla chips and those huge costco muffins really amazed me. I was surprised at the number of foreigners here too – I guess I shouldn’t be though, there is a US base nearby. I think the products were about 60-70% American, 30-40% Japanese. We plan to go back on Thanksgiving to buy pumpkin pie…hopefully it wasn’t only there for Halloween–no Thanksgiving in Japan!


7 responses to “Costco Japan (Yokohama)

  1. I think there must be something wrong with me, since that pizza actually looks good and is making me hungry.

    I just came back from studying in Yokohama for a year.. and I heard rumor of the CostCo numerous times, but never made it out there. Where is it, exactly?

    Also, pardon me for prying, but where are you studying? Are you in Yokohama as well?

  2. Actually I’m studying at Keio U. for the year – but I don’t live too far from Yokohama. Any cool places you recommend going to? : )

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  4. Reminds me of questions that came to mind from one of your earlier posts on an American style clothing store – Where are most of the goods manufactured that you see in Japan? Can you tell by the labels? Is a majority of it brought in from China? (Were there any worries in Japan about melamine in milk and egg containing products from China?)

    But amazing how familiar something so far away can look. Does this one have patrons “follow the path”? I always liked the sound of that idea, even while wondering if they borrowed it from some Disneyland-type manual on how to control how crowds move around!

    Uncle Brian

  5. As far as I have seen a lot of goods like clothing and housewares are made in China, but most electronics are made in Japan. I will be sure to pay closer attention to that in the future!

    I don’t have a TV here so I’m not sure to what extent people were worried about milk and egg containing products from China – but I did read an article about the restaurant chain “Saizeriya” discovering small amounts of melamine in some of the food products they were using. I assume the discovery was prompted by the scare in China.

    Is there a path to follow at Costco?? I don’t know if I have ever noticed that! hahaha my bad..

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