In The Water There Are Islands, In The Land There Are Lakes*

*Song title from Mice Parade. Album: The True Meaning of Boodleybaye


In other words, today’s weather was just like Seattle. Cold and rainy and windy.

Even after a 45 minute journey to school at 7am though, soaking wet and cold and thinking I might be willing to ride the two trains right back home so I could crawl into bed and go back to sleep, look at what I got to see on campus:





Keio University Mita Campus

Keio University Mita Campus

I actually made the effort to blow dry my hair this morning (before looking out the window, obviously), and by the time I got to campus it looked the same as when I got out of the shower. When I was taking these pictures, I didn’t realize that as I was crouching down by the ground to take a photo, half of my coat was submerged in a puddle. I think things like that are so funny – even though I felt cold and uncomfortable, the sillyness of it all gave me something to laugh about all day. I don’t know why I ever worry, life never ceases to be interesting. So, as a thanksgiving post, a couple of “little” things I am especially thankful for: beauty and the unexpected.


8 responses to “In The Water There Are Islands, In The Land There Are Lakes*

  1. These are great photos, Allison. I’m always a sucker for shots that slow down everyday life.

    What kind of camera do you use? {<<< nerd}

  2. Thanks Jentery,
    I use a Casio Exilim 7.2
    I don’t really like it though, I’m looking for a new one.
    Hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

  3. It’s so yellow and pretty!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!!
    I’m thankful of you Allison! : P

  4. These are really nice, colorful shots well worth the trouble to capture them. I took some very similar shots several weeks ago….without getting wet though.

  5. Here is a leaf/puddle shot from several weeks ago. I told you Dad today how the shot was similar to yours, only I like yours better……..and it’s in JAPAN!

    Oak leaf puddle

  6. Cathy,
    Your photo is MUCH better than mine! I spent forever looking at your flickr – I had no idea you were such a good photographer!!!

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