Did We Skip Right to Spring?


Is it ever going to get cold here? Today it was 66 F! すごい!Apparently I am missing what would be my first “white Christmas” ever back home. I would complain that I want snow here too…but I think the long walk to the station would be torture in colder weather. Besides I’ve heard the cold months are January and February here. Just be patient, Allison…


I went to a famous kaitenzushi place in Shibuya with Hiro and Amy today after tutoring. I didn’t pay attention to what it was called but there was a huge line. Every plate was 120yen and you have to buy at least 7 plates (as if that would be difficult!). Mmm Mmm.


Anyways, it was lovely out – clear and sunny. It felt like that glorious week of sunshine Seattle always gets in February when everybody breaks out the shorts (even though its still in the 60s), thinking, “finally! the bad weather is over!” and is severely disappointed by the inevitable downpour that starts back up the next week.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.



amy trying to draw the new hairstyle she wants

amy trying to draw the new hairstyle she wants

for my ben's

for my ben's





I love it when the wind blows.

Enjoy the snow, everyone back home — or, if you are like my dad, then I hope the snow melts quickly : )


5 responses to “Did We Skip Right to Spring?

  1. Enjoyed visiting your site. Very interesting to see, through your eyes, what’s happening on the other side of the world. Thanks for the virtual tour…

    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  2. Hey, great blog. I’m hoping to come to Japan soon to teach English so this was a nice find. Keep exploring!

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