Age-manju * Asakusa, Japan

Travel to Japan just so you can try these age-manju (fried Manju)!!!

Kabocha & Black Sesame

Kabocha & Black Sesame

I’ve been living here for 4 months now so I have a lot of recommendations, but as far as food goes, these are #1. My friend Nico is visiting so I took her to Asakusa, a place with a giant temple, pagodas, and lots & lots of traditional snacks, sweets, and gifts. Omiyage heaven.



We stood in line for 10 minutes or so to get these (Kabocha and Sweet Potato), and then after looking around the temple decided to go get more! I stuck with the Kabocha and Nico went for the Black Sesame. Inside the kabocha age-manju is a sweet kabocha puree (kabocha is a Japanese squash, or pumpkin), and the outside is made from rice flour so it has a sort of chewy, mochi-like consistency. On top of all that, the whole thing is fried. Really, can it get any better? I’m honestly not kidding with this recommendation. I can say with all sincerity that I would happily pay the 6$ in train fees to come to Asakusa again just to buy this $1 sweet.

People lining up at the age-manju vendor

People lining up at the age-manju vendor

Other Pictures from Asakusa:




if you pull this smoke over your head you will get smarter, supposedly. I guess these people want to up their dog's intelligence!

if you pull this smoke over your head you will get smarter, supposedly. I guess these people want to up their dog's intelligence!








7 responses to “Age-manju * Asakusa, Japan

  1. Those age-manju’s look DELICIOUS!
    I love all your pictures!
    poor dogs, they probably don’t want to be covered in smoke… haha
    Have you heard about that building on the last picture? It’s the building for some beer company but people call it “うんこタワー” cause of what it looks like :D

  2. dammit, i saw that stand and they did look really nice, but i didnt try one since i was just about to have dinner.

  3. Aaaaaaaw Allison, we should def go there together and finish all the kabocha agemanju, they are all I ever talk about! Soon as someone mentions Asakusa, sweets, or even Mickey Mouse, I just can’t get them out of my mind :) Yummmmmmm

  4. I love Asakusa and Sensouji temple.
    So much in fact, that I lived right beside it for over a year and plan on buying a house in the area.
    Right around the corner for the shop where you by the Age-Manju, there is a shop that is famous for its Melon-pan, and is quite delicious!

    If you ever get the opportunity, try it out!

    Norm Nakamura
    Japan Lifestyle Consulting

  5. Just stopping through. I totally agree with the age-manju recommendation. The stuff tastes divine! The age-manju shop in your picture looks a bit different than where I went. You know the name of the shop?

    • Thanks for stopping by : )
      I’m afraid I don’t remember the name.. oh how I wish I could go there again! One of these days..

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