Christmas In Japan

Other than those who go on dates, I guess Japanese families typically eat Kentucky Fried Chicken and this Strawberry Cream Cake to celebrate Christmas. My friends and I wanted to celebrate somehow so we went to an Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. (somewhere I probably would not go for a meal if I had the choice) in Shibuya because their desserts looked pretty good. This is the Strawberry Cream Cake:


You can find some version of this all over the place, but a whole cake was around $40 so we opted for individual slices (about $5 a slice). They even sell these cakes at convenience stores. I saw a lot of makeshift stands set up outside shops selling Christmas Cakes and fried chicken. I also saw a lot of people bringing home huge boxes of Krispy Kremes though so I guess with families its ‘to each his own!’

We also tried the Chocolate Pie…mmm…


All in all, it was a pretty strange Christmas. I really miss my family and I know now that Christmas is one time of year I don’t want to be away from home! But, to be a little cheesy, it was nice to spend the day with my little family here – eating these yummy desserts and talking about the different ways we celebrate Christmas in Hawaii, Seattle, Thailand and Korea. Christmas is just another day in Japan, but it was a pretty nice day.


2 responses to “Christmas In Japan

  1. yup christmas in japan must have been KFC’s greatest coup.
    merry christmas!…one day late.

  2. I want to spend my Christmas in japan!it must be wonderful..i’m dreaming of a white Christmas in japan!he7..someday.^^

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