Shin-Okubo, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku


A walk on January 1st.


This wasn’t the best adventure I’ve ever been on. After walking around Takadanobaba and Shin-Okubo I was quite hungry. When I got to Shinjuku and saw a kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) place advertising 100yen plates to I went in and sat down. Turns out they only have some 100yen plates (I didn’t see a single one the whole time I was there). I was too hungry to resist the negi-toro going by though and ended up paying 1200yen in the end for only a few plates. Ahaha…I never did like Shinjuku very much!

A mural under an overpass in Shin-Okubo

A mural under an overpass



I was trying to walk from Shin-Okubo to Takadanobaba and got lost by this park. An old man helped me. : )




New Year's reflections

New Year's reflections

mural in takadanobaba

mural in takadanobaba





17 and 44 seconds

3:17 and 44 seconds





5 responses to “Shin-Okubo, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku

  1. Did the “new yorker’s cafe” serve new york style food? Also, at the risk of sounding like an old person, how do you know what parts of the city are safe to walk around by yourself in? Just wondering.

  2. New Yorker’s Cafe was closed, unfortunately!
    Actually I feel pretty safe here. I guess there are some parts that are less comfortable, but honestly, Tokyo makes Seattle look terrifying, haha. I hope its not a false sense of security!

  3. i lived in takadanobaba! walking all the way to shinjuku is a pretty long trek, no wonder you were hungry

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