水〜Aqueous〜 水


around 7:15am, on my way to campus

Last night I heard from 4 or 5 different people that today it would snow at 6am. I didn’t believe it but I checked the forecast anyway and that’s exactly what it said: “6時:雪 ” Since everyone knows weather reports are never wrong I was pretty excited. I made sure to look outside often after waking up (at 5:30 – I catch a train at 7), but as I thought, there was no snow. Since I am from the Pacific Northwest I guess I should be predisposed to either hate rain or not even notice it, but today I decided that since I didn’t get snow I would at least try to find beauty in the rain – and I did! By the time I got home I barely had any feeling left in my hands, but I really enjoyed taking these pictures.

cimg7524 cimg7529


cimg7530 cimg7536


looking out from Shinagawa Station

cimg7540 cimg7543


Waiting for my train

cimg7549 cimg7566

a passing shinkansen --bullet train

a passing shinkansen --bullet train


cimg7574 cimg7577


cimg7533 cimg7580


cimg7603 cimg7588


Perhaps anything can be pretty

cimg7590 cimg7592


cimg7576 cimg7578


7 responses to “水〜Aqueous〜 水

  1. great pictures.

    Washington is flooding.

    i’m afraid to take pictures in the rain.

  2. Oooh! I like these. I haven’t been in a nice drizzle for a long time. When I was in Washington it was snowing or downpouring (gross) and in Utah it’s either snowing or sunny. I just can’t get a good in between.

  3. Wow…..
    What amazing photos.
    I’m taking Japanese currently and it is a fascinating language.
    I’m really looking forward to getting to go to Japan some day.

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