* the cold part *


Yokohama outdoor ice skating rink.

Our friend Nori invited us here today. The rink was tiny but the setting was beautiful, and it was really fun to be in an outdoor rink (a first, for me). If you know me well, then you can imagine that I was almost euphoric, taking this all in. Look at the way the rink reflects the sky, the light shines on the brick buildings, the way the color in people’s clothing stands out against the white. The skates are bright red. The people here are just enjoying themselves. Lovely.


cimg7657 cimg7638

eyes closed

eyes closed

cimg7654 cimg76751


cimg7670 cimg7671

sun beginning to set

sun beginning to set

cimg7679 cimg7680


a portrait

a portrait

And then night.


cimg7726 cimg7737


cimg7707 cimg7735


cimg7753 cimg7749



8 responses to “* the cold part *

  1. i just discovered your blog. I got back almost a month ago from a semester in tokyo. you take wonderful pictures, it makes me miss japan.

  2. I used to live in Japan as well, hung out in Yokohama a lot! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. As you know…..with photography, it’s all about the light. Wonderful captures.

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