おはようございます * Good Morning


Ahh breakfast. My favorite part of the day. On the weekends, I wake up when the sun wakes me up (which was 7:30 today – jeez sun, give me a break!), I boil water for my instant coffee (see tutorial below), I eat my healthy cereal, I read whats new in my google reader, I read the news, I look at photos on flickr, I drool over tastespotting and foodgawker, I soak up the sun that streams in through my window, and then I go for a walk or run. Yes, the morning is my favorite part of the day. I like the slow unfolding of a new day. Even when I have early class I wake up early so I can enjoy my slow breakfast. What is your routine? I’m interested.

Ok, I know you are excited about this. Blendy Instant Coffee Tutorial:

cimg81131 cimg8114 cimg81151 cimg8116 cimg8117 cimg8118 cimg8120 cimg8126 cimg8133 cimg8135 cimg8137 cimg8139 cimg8110 *click images to enlarge.

Well, its not the best coffee in the world, but it is terribly convenient – and that whole box only cost me 500 yen. I was talking with my friend Edward about coffee in Japan & the Philippines (where he’s studying), about what a shame it is that we never realized how spoiled we were with coffee back in the Pacific NW. One of my friends here said once, “Man, you are into coffee, huh?” Well yes, I guess I am? When I visit home in a couple weeks I’m going to get my fill of good, cheap coffee, thats for sure.

Yesterday was the last day of actual classes (yay!), but we still have finals next week. My friends and I went to a cheap izakaya (warawara 笑笑) last night for a few drinks. That was fun, but I don’t feel like putting those dark pictures into this sunny post so I will post about the delights of the Japanese izakaya another day.


Yesterday morning, out of my window


Stop Amy!

Naptime on the train

Naptime on the train


We did a very silly thing.

On the way home from school I suggested to Amy that it would be fun to squeeze into an I.D. photobooth and take a visa picture together and she agreed so that is what we did. We paid 700 yen (yes, 700 yen – thats three delicious brownies we could have shared at Shinagawa station – but I’ll go into that later) for these photos. Our goal was to get half of each of our faces, and we thought we did – there was no cutoff line displayed in the screen! anyways, thats what we got. My dimple, her finger. Beautiful, artistic, deep – right? Thats exactly what you are thinking, I know. We spent a few minutes cramped in the photobooth just laughing, and when we came out there was a guy waiting and our picture fully displayed in the drop-box. Ahaha, a good memory, I think.


: )

A picture Amy took in the cafeteria yesterday with her cellphone:


She took this picture to show me that my arms are shrinking. Hahaha watch out for that if you come to Japan. Shrinking arms…! Guess I’m going to eat all the greasy taco truck food I want in Portland/Seattle. Muahahaha.

So anyways, your breakfast!?

And also, I think I’ll continue posting while I’m home – taking pictures in Seattle and Portland. Will you still visit my site?!? : ) Pretty please.. haha.  Ok this is the most talking I’ve done in a while, I’m exhausted! Adios!


12 responses to “おはようございます * Good Morning

  1. Hmm, breakfast eh? Well, the only breakfast I seem to get these days is at the weekend when I can actually get out of bed when I feel like it.. I seem to flop out of bed when my conscience tells me ‘hey it’s actually after midday now’ and then I get to make the biggest breakfast / lunch. Ahh, I also loooove coffee too! Maybe that’s why I am still up now browsing blogs, Flickr and checking prices on gadgets I want..

    Yes, you should take pride in your photo booth photos – they’ll be fun to look back on in in a couple years :-)

  2. Funny, I wake up. It’s pitch black outside. Freeze My bum off getting my newspaper while wearing my Husky slippers of course. Drink real coffee, get ready for work and go to work in the rain. And if it is going to be sunny that day, I scrape the ice off the car because its freezing. I think the sun over there is the best part of your blog. At least I can see the sun every day.

  3. Wake up, after having ignored my buzzing Cell Phone alarm clock for half an hour. Take my med, put on dad’s slippers and look at hockey scores and check email while I wait for it to kick in. Take a shower, and then pretend to eat a full breakfast on my way to class.

    does the insta-coffee come in insta-hot cocoa?

  4. Those photo booth pictures are awesome :D haha

    My typical morning these days is turning off all my alarm clocks (five on my cell phone, one on my desk that I have to get out of bed to turn off, and one by my bed all set at different times in the early morning) and going back to bed until I naturally wake up around 10 or 11… :S and then I do the normal stuff like eating breakfast, checking e-mails, taking a shower, etc… This is what happens when you’re me and you’re only working part time and not going to school. :P
    I need to work on fixing this habit…
    Good for you for waking up early every day!!!!

  5. I like the idea of a slow morning, but I like sleep, so I usually only give myself 30-40 minutes to get ready in the morning. I usually wake up, turn on my computer, wash face/brush teeth, check e-mail while getting dressed, do hair/make-up, then eat breakfast usually while packing a lunch, and then leave. It’s a finely tuned schedule I’ve developed over the years. It all hangs on night showers, and I’m okay with that.

  6. Your parents are way too cute! i really want to go visit you someday and meet them in person!

    well my day starts in the middle of the day.. sun is always almost seting since they dont stay up too long here and its freaking cold everyday i wake up..

    my mornings rnt my fav…
    your blog always makes me smile!

  7. hehe I quite enjoy a slow breakfast too, usually I have cereal and Japanese tea (which admittedly can be quite expensive here in London but I’m really happy I can get it here lol) I try to get up really early but usually fail miserably, I have a lot of reading to do for some of my courses which I thought would be useful to do before I leave for uni but recently I’ve started to just watch Japanese drama whilst I’m enjoying my breakfast lol! well, I guess it’s a form of Japanese practise anyway lol

  8. Unlike you, we (Chloe & I) wake up before the sun. Yes, 6 am, to run around the house, usually forgetting things and waking up everyone else and leave by 7. The bus stop to downtown Tacoma is a block from our house yet sometimes it is so difficult to get there on time.
    We make it downtown by about 7:15 to catch a bus to downtown Seattle by 7:20. Get there at about 8:30. Walk across the street and notice terribly the very slight difference in temperature a few hundred miles north makes and wait for another bus up to Capital Hill where SCCC is. Then we study Graphic Design all day! Such a fun morning routine.
    To be honest, yours makes mine quite jealous.

  9. saddly i get no sun in my window so i tend to sleep until around 10ish, at which point i decide that i better get up or i’ll probably sleep till dinner time. breakfast is normally hot instant coffee and a slice of those really fat toasts they do here. then its shower time, and then out the door,…

    i normally wait till i get to the station to decide where and what i’m going to do for the day,,… and since its pretty much lunch time already, lunch is a major factor in where i happen to get lost that day, ie i follow my nose and stomach haha.

    have a safe trip home.

  10. Hi. This is by far my favorite blog to read. The pictures are really cool and I don’t feel that awkward looking or commenting since you hang out ben and stuff. SO, since I’m bored and I think that my morning breakfast routine is interesting, I’ll share it.
    After I turn my alarm off, I turn on the water boiler, my computer, and the television and change it to vh1. It’s the only channel that plays music videos, but only in the mornings. Well, as the water is boiling and my computer is loading, I brush my teeth and wash my face and try to figure out what to wear. After about ten minutes of ravaging through my closet, I usually walk out of my room wearing a white t shirt and the same jeans and shoes that I wore the day before. By now the water is boiling and I’ll have poured myself a hot cup of green tea and put a bagel in the toaster. The first thing I do on the computer is open 3 tabs; the weather, cnn, and facebook. I open a window(a real one, not an internet one) and compare the weather outside to the weather online. It’s usually totally off. The cnn homepage will more than likely be full of news of the shitty economy. The interesting articles that I find I post on facebook. By now, my tea will have cooled down and my bagel will have popped up. I pour a bowl of cereal and cut up a banana and there’s my breakfast: cup of green tea, bowl of cereal with banana and a bagel with cream cheese.
    Isn’t my morning routine super fascinating?! hahaha. Keep posting your cool posts and take lots of pictures.

  11. Wow, I’m so jealous. I would have loved to live in a radically different culture for a while, especially in the Far East.

    Unfortunately, when you become a mother there’s nothing like a slow breakfast. I jump out of bed when I hear my toddler’s awake and then run around like a nutter to fix breakfast for him. After that I can only look after myself. As for the actual breakfast, anything goes…even oxtail, liver or chocolate, really…anything!

  12. It’s funny because my breakfast routine starts the night before if it’s on a workday. Every weeknight I pack a ziploc bag with 1 small Western onion bagel, 1 wedge cheese and 2 slices of turkey lunchmeat. I leave for work at 6:30 AM, then do research for an hour, have my morning meeting from 8:15 to 8:45 AM. It’s then that I go to the kitchen at the office, toast the bagel, spread the cheese, top w/ turkey, pour some coffee and then sit at my desk and slowly eat my breakfast while reading the news of the day online. It’s definitely a routine since I do it 5 days a week, and it’s the same everyday!

    Weekends I usually ride my bike with my husband to a local coffee shop and get scrambled egg whites, wheat toast and a huge mug of coffee. Yum!

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