I saw this video posted on notcot.org and I have to share it with you – its gorgeous!! Its a collection of every photo taken by a couple during their 21 day visit to Japan. I assume they bought the JR Railpass because they made it all over! I love that its just saturated with color and juxtaposes all kinds places and scenes together. If you have any interest in coming to Japan I’m sure this will heighten it – it certainly makes me want to travel more.

You can click on the video to be taken to actual vimeo site.
What did you think? Beautiful, huh?



8 responses to “JAPAN

  1. omg allison i hate this video. it makes me feel like im wasting my time in the dorm! I wanna make one too and go everywhere!!

  2. good song choice, better pictures.

    “…Where are your friends tonight?”

  3. Cool stuff! I go to NYC on Thursday and I might just do something similar with my pics too. I agree it’s very creative even though it’s a simple idea. I prob wouldn’t have thought to do it like this.. Good find!

    your blog is cool.. hahaha i love this video!
    it made my eyes hurt

    well anyhow, i’m writing in a blog too..but it’s only full of weird random complaints and thoughts.. so when i do post pictures, i’ll let you know the site.. haha!

    gotta study for one more final, bye!!!

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