We had a big night: a photo story

All-night out in Shibuya.



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level FOUR

level FOUR

Hanna makes a new friend after leaving Karaoke at 5am

people with leg injuries unite

Its pretty easy to make friends with Japanese people at 5am

Its pretty easy to make friends with Japanese people at 5am


good morning

good morning






It was fun, going out with a bang. We went to celebrate Amy’s birthday and as a little temporary goodbye party. Our evening consisted of a three hour “all you can drink” for ~$35 at an izakaya, karaoke from 1am -5am, breakfast at McDonald’s, train & cab home just as the sun was coming up. Trains stop running around midnight so its an early night or its all night – which is a bit of a pain, but at least that way no one has to drive, right? What do you think about going out in Japan? Would you do it? Do you do it? I think its a ‘once in a while’ only thing for me – I like my 8 hours of sleep! : )


4 responses to “We had a big night: a photo story

  1. Sleeping on the train after a night out there, oh what a good time that is! Do it while you can, you can sleep when you get back. :)

  2. I went out for a Shibuya all-nighter quite a few times when I first got here, but it tires you out. Had to quit so I could get homework done. True story about the friend-making, though; Japanese people get really friendly in the wee hours of the night.

  3. so far going out has been more izakayas than clubs in town, and we tend to drive so the early morning train thing i havent done yet. i could actually walk home from shibuya, if it didnt take about an hour, and i knew which way i was going.
    heading out tomorrow night,… the might goth trad is playing in shibuya,…. so might try it then,….. or maybe wind up in a ditch somewhere haha!

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