Welcome home!

That was a very long day. Literally. I left Japan on January 29th at 3pm and arrived in Portland on January 29th at 7am. TIME TRAVEL.

Customs officer: ‘Morning miss.

Allison: Good morning.

Custom’s officer: Where are you coming from?

Allison: Japan

Custom’s Officer: And how long were you there for?

Allison: 5 months.

Custom’s officer: … (very long pause, skeptical face) …What exactly were you doing there for so long?

Allison: Oh, I’m an exchange student.

Custom’s officer: Oh thats great! Well, we’re glad to have you back!

Ahahaha that was the easiest time in Custom’s I have ever had! The guys in Seattle are so rude. Anyways, it was a nice arrival. My parents were waiting with flowers & big hugs. : ) We went out for breakfast at a local diner and then my mom and I spent the afternoon in downtown Portland. I managed to stay awake until 5pm and then passed out until 7am this morning.

What it looks like here.

What it looks like here.


Stardust Diner

Stardust Diner

My first meal. Ahahaha. I ordered two scrambled eggs and they came with all this. This is how much I had left over, and I still got a stomach ache.

My first meal. Ahahaha. I ordered two scrambled eggs and they came with all this. This is how much I had left over, and I still got a stomach ache.

Hahaha. This is a little surreal.


6 responses to “Welcome home!

  1. Glad to see you had a safe trip home. You must have a Japanese appetite now, deshou?! You’d never see a plate of food like that in Nihon:).

    Have fun at home and I am looking forward to your Seattle posts!

  2. glad to have you only a couple hours away. come visit me soon!

    your post reminded me of when i came back from the philippines two weeks ago. my return flight had me landing in SF.

    customs officer: good afternoon, so your heading to seattle?

    me: yup.

    customs officer: what do you do there?

    me: i’m a student. (i don’t know why but i still have a habit of telling people i’m a student, second nature i guess)

    customs officer: oh what are you studying. nursing?

    me: hahaha. no. int’l studies and political science. just cuz’ i’m filipino doesn’t mean EVERY filipino is a nurse! (i didn’t say the latter part)

  3. The question is, apart from getting to see family, are you glad to be home? Japan must have been awesome!

    I just came back from a week in New York and believe me, I was actually thinking of excuses I could use to stay there for longer. Definitely not glad to be back in UK :-(

  4. hehe, that’s the most American breakfast I can imagine! : )

  5. Carmel – hahaha he actually said that?! Well, I guess he probably does see a lot of nurses coming from there..haha ay ay ay.

    Locksley – Yeah, I think that is the downside of traveling. Of course there are things I like better about both places, but I’m trying not to focus on them too much – I’ll save that for when I have to move back for good! ; )

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