Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR.

Back down here for a few days. I like this street, it has a lot of character. I sold some clothes at Buffalo, had coffee, bought a book  (Living to Tell the Tale, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez), and walked around — this is my kind of day, : )





Do they burn these off on purpose or was this probably an accident?

Do they burn these off on purpose or was this probably an accident?




there are several reasons why i like this picture.


allison-1-341 allison-1-347



allison-1-354 allison-1-353


allison-1-355 allison-1-352


Maybe I should have saved that last one for a Valentines Day post (Yes, even though its terribly commercial, Valentines day is pretty – so I’ll round up all the red, pink, & purple bits I can find around the city!). <3 walking pdx <3 I have more from Hawthorne but I’ll save them for tomorrow, perhaps – I’ll be happy if I even kept your attention through this long post! : )

PS: who wants to go to Stockholm with me? This looks fun.. !

7 responses to “Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR.

  1. I’d say this has been your best out of Japan post thus far :]

    Cool Hostel!

  2. My friend went to Stockholm several times last year (she was studying in Finland so she got to travel around to meet the countries nearby) and she absolutely loved it!

  3. like how you’ve got all the colours to stand out in your pics. I don’t think you could go anywhere where I live and find so many stickers / posters, I think it might be illegal to do it here :-(

    Stockholm is just a short flight from here.. But for you to travel all that way and then stay in a small hostel room might not be worthwhile…?

    Haha it is a good idea though to re-use the plane and I guess I’d do that if I went there just for the novelty :-)

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