Mon Ami

My cousin Claire owns this Cafe, Mon Ami, in downtown Vancouver (not Canada, there’s a Vancouver in Washington state too & just across the river from Portland). They serve crepes, coffee, beer, wine, etc. Its all delicious and I like the atmosphere a lot. My mom and I were driving home from NW Portland and she didn’t want the day to end yet so we decided to stop by Claire’s for coffee. We got there and found out it was trivia night  (!) so we called my dad to stop in on his way home from work and Claire called her mom, my aunt Lisa to come down too. A spontaneous family get-together! : )




We were trying to think of team names and my aunt asked what the word for eggplant is in Japanese, because she had been considering eggplant colored wall paint. “Nasu,” I told her. And so the O’Connors joined forces and became Team Nasu.

meet Claire!

meet Claire!

This tasted a little bit like bananas.

This tasted a little bit like bananas.

The special for the night: This hefeweisen and a crepe with Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil. Mmmm.

Vegetarian Pizza crepe

Vegetarian Pizza crepe


My parents!

My parents!

Trivia - which Team O'Connor won.

Feverishly writing down trivia answers. We won!




Pretty, no? Stop by if you live in the area. Well, if you wanted to fly across the world to check it out I guess that would be really…impressive (?) too.


So…my external hard drive has broken (with all my photos & music & everything!) so this week, as I’m back up in Seattle, I will be taking it to a data recovery service. Wish me luck please that they are successful!!! Since I’ve been back I’ve been using my parents’ computer to upload new photos so I’m not sure what I’ll do from now on since there is not a lot of space on my laptop…but I’ll figure something out! Really cross your fingers though, ok? Pretty please?


6 responses to “Mon Ami

  1. oh man, i feel for you. i’ve had mine and a couple of my friends external hard drives crash before. everything’s just gone. like that. makes you wish that all your docs, music and pictures were printed out, on cassettes and in actual real photo albums; like in the olden days. never thought about taking it to a data recovery place though. hope that works out.

  2. what a cute cafe…i grew up in vancouver and go to school in seattle now. i will definitely put this place on my list of to do’s when i go home next!

  3. A) What a great cafe! You know I love the food photos and that crepe looks oishii yo.

    B) Your parents are so cute!


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