seattle on film. 1.

Here’s the first roll of film I took on that fancy camera (Canon EOS Rebel K2) my friend let me borrow! I really enjoyed taking these but I’m trying to decide whether the fun is worth the cost… $11 per roll + film cd… hmmm… whatcha think?

Some were successes, others weren’t. Oh and my brother took a few too!

*click the images for full view


Me, admiring the view. *taken by Ben


Kelsey's mom, my mom.



Gas Works Park. *taken by Ben(?)

*taken by Ben

*taken by Ben

*taken by Ben

*taken by Ben



This is Ben, my brother.


From my Valentine.

traffffffficSeattle traffic in is early stages.
This is Yuko.

This is Yuko.



Hot chocolate.

Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips.

*taken by Ben

*taken by Ben

This is Kelsey.

This is Kelsey.

*taken by Ben

I’ll post the other roll tomorrow!


11 responses to “seattle on film. 1.

  1. love the ben and kelsey pictures, the analogue really does have a quality all its own.

    i’ve always wanted one of those really old cameras, but the developing always put me off buying one,…. but your post got me thinking that there must be a way to get negatives into the pc,…. google “digital film scanner”. now i just have to figure out how to process negatives.

  2. I REALLY like these pics!
    I like the blurry(?)ness of them : )

  3. Your photograph of the ornamental grass kinda just blew my mind. It’s amazing Allison.

  4. At Target you can opt to JUST get the cd of pictures + the negatives, no prints. (You could always make prints later, from the negs/cd).

    It’s like $2.50 for just the CD + processing.

  5. undercovergaijin – thanks! i didn’t know this before either, but when I took the film in they asked if for $2.50 more I would like a film cd – so i was able to just upload the pictures on the cd to my computer.

    sol – thanks! thats a huge compliment coming from you!!

    hannah – good to know! maybe i WILL keep this up then.

  6. yes on 3 and 4

    those pictures just make my camera feel like poop, just like poop

  7. Yea these film ones do have a different kind of quality to them.. Hmm.. I like it :-)

    That Gas Works Park is one spooky looking place! In the middle of all that grass as well, just looks out of place.. But ur photo definitely made me Wikipedia it lol.

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