Hello friend

and hello sunshine! My friend Brittany and I went out in the Pearl District of Portland (which, as much as I love it, is apparently WAY too classy for me) last night – to three different places. The first was called Holden (like from Catcher in the Rye!). The kitchen was closed so we got no food, the drink menu looked ok, but the bartender was very friendly and custom made us each a drink (something with champagne – her’s extra sweet, mine only slightly sweet). I tried to order something with Seagram’s Seven in it (come on, I’ve only been 21 a matter of months so my knowledge of drinks is limited), and he said “(Laughing haughtily!)You’re going to have a hard time finding that anywhere in The Pearl.” Well, excuse me! Hahaha. The second place was called Oba. We shared drinks, accidentally ordered an appetizer with meat in it and purposely ate it. The third place was called Le Happy. We shared crepes and a couple more beverages. It was a very fun evening. We woke up a little cloudy today but the sun was out which made it alllll better.

her name is Brittany but we just call each other "friend"







3 responses to “Hello friend

  1. omg i miss seattle

    and i miss YOU the most!!!

    but i’ll see you soooooooooooon ♥

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