Seattle Street Art

This is another University District street art site (see last post). Half of these works are an old mural painted along the walls of Campus Parkway leading up to the University bridge by community artists, but the walls under the overpass are updated more often.


By the way, I’m flying back to Japan tomorrow! Exciting, yeah? I’m sure I’ll have some lingering Seattle/Portland pictures and a couple rolls of film to post, but as soon as I get unpacked and rested I’ll get out and do some exploring – so check back often! Thankssssssss!















Some sillyness:



If you have been following my blog for a while now then you know that I LOVE this kind of stuff. If you know of any cool street art sites (or anything related) please let me know about them! Spots in Japan would be great, since I’m heading back there for another half a year, but I’d also love some future travel recommendations!

*click images to enlarge

**thanks for viewing!

5 responses to “Seattle Street Art

  1. how exiting about you going back to japan. i have been following your blog during your stay in seattle/portland and how i get to see pictures from japan as well! i’m looking forward ; ) have a save trip

    about the street art, in the unlikely event that you don’t know wooster collective, here’s the link:
    it’s a site that collects and links to the smaller street art sites.

  2. some of these got graffiti’ed on the day after we took pictures… sad…
    have a safe trip back! can’t wait to explore with you in Japan!!

    Yuko(ooooooooo) :P

  3. Just found these pix on the King5 site. Glorious! Most of these are ART…the graffiti is unfortunate, as some kids are more interested in destruction than creation, but some of these are WONDERFUL!!
    thanks for sharing!

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