Strobe Cafe and Hara Donuts

Two incredibly cute places within just a few feet from eachother.

1. Strobe Cafe, Shimokitazawa. Isn’t this cafe adorable?? Jacob and I were wandering aimlessly around Shimokitazawa the other day and happened upon this place. Honestly, would you be able to resist a cafe that looks like this?


And it only gets better when you go inside – its like walking into a little girl’s bedroom (not as a creepy, unfamiliar adult, of course..)!


cimg0210 cimg0211

cimg0212 cimg0219

^^they gave us pink fuzzy blankets… and those little building things are actually planters! There was a diagram of how to grow flowers in them!

The "Strobe Latte" - cutest latte in the world?!

The "Strobe Latte" - cutest latte in the world?!

the kitchen

the kitchen

And then just over to the left is...

And then just over to the left is...

2. Hara Donuts, Shimokitazawa. This place was adorable, and the donut flavors were simple but intriguing (mocha, espresso, chocolate, matcha, spinach (I know, what?!)). The flavor was just ok for me though…they only cost 130yen (~$1.30) though so it was worth trying. Not super sweet, which is a plus for me – but I think it would have been better warm.



The normal Hara donut

The normal Hara donut

espresso + chocolate = mocha!

espresso donut + chocolate frosting = mocha!

If I haven’t hammered in enough yet how much I love this area, I hope you get it now!

mmmmmmm… the happiness that is going to little cafes like this : )


12 responses to “Strobe Cafe and Hara Donuts

  1. I already REALLY wanted to go to Japan – your blog has made me want to go even more! Very interesting – will keep looking and maybe one day even get there…

  2. That mocha donut looks real good. i’m gonna be in Shimokitazawa next week, i’m defintely gonna get

    Gonna catch a show too, @ Basement Bar, ever been??

  3. that latte art is amaaaazing!!! and that cafe looks super cute too!
    they just opened a hara donuts by my house too! i’m excited to try it out : D

  4. OHHH this whole time i thought it was called hard donuts! not hara. it made total sense to me too.

  5. @ allison

    well, a rock concert…. i feel weird saying concert is it’s at a small venue.

    i really like the blog, btw. i keep telling people abt the red wine/cola thing but i haven’t tried it yet. It’s like the poor man’s sangria.

  6. hi,
    i’ve found hara (and another called harrits) donut while googling but having serious trouble finding an English map online to get there :( i’m actually flyin to tokyo in 2 weeks time n would really like to bite into those yummy healthy donuts. is there any way you can help me? I should be able to navigate from the nearest JR station :)
    thanks loads!

    • Oh thats tough – I can’t honestly say I remember exactly how to get there from Shimokitazawa station! If you can ask someone “Hara Do-na-tsu wa doko desuka?” (where is Hara Donuts?) when you get to the station maybe they can point you in the right direction. I tried reading the site but I couldn’t find a map either. Good luck finding it! Let me know what you think if you do! Have fun : )

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