My new toy…

Canon EOS Rebel K2

Canon EOS Rebel K2

So here’s the deal. You may remember those film pictures I took a while ago using this camera…see here and here. Well, that wasn’t my camera – a good friend lent it to me, and guess what I did? I dropped it. Just before leaving for Japan. It wasn’t ruined, but the back door wouldn’t close anymore. Paul came to the rescue and found this on ebay for dramatically less than the cost of a brand new one (with a case, lense, filter – everything!and all in good condition!) and sent it to me.


Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to take pictures of the Sakura with it! : )

They are starting to really blossom! This is right next to Keio:



Thanks for viewing! Time to read the manual now..hahaha.


6 responses to “My new toy…

  1. congratulations on the new camera! how great is that!?(very great) : )
    wish i had a camera like the Canon EOS Rebel K2. i look forward to see the photos!

  2. nice job paul! that’s awesome you have a new camera! i’m excited to see all the pics you take with it!

    also, tell the sakura to wait one more week until they fully blossom!! please… : P

  3. Congrats on the new toy! Juan got me one too and I’m still trying to figure it out, but I am sure you already have.

    That veggie guy (in your last post) is crazy/creepy!


  4. toy :)

    this isnt toy


    you are in japan this is very colorfull

    how are you this erbil from istanbul

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