In the Flowers: Showa Kinen Park



“A dancer who was high in a field from a moment
Caught my breath on my way home
Couldn’t stop that spinning force
I fell into you
Everything drowns you to giggle
You are up with the flower and I care



So the dancer who gets wild to the deep reveling rhythm
But I am always away for weeks
that pass slow like mind gets lost
Feeling envy for the kid who danced in spite of anything
And we’re out in the flowers and feel better





If I could just leave my body for the night




Then we could be dancing no more missing you while I am gone
Then we could be dancing and you’d smile and say I like this song
And then ours would meet them we will recognize nothing’s wrong
And I wouldn’t feel so selfish I won’t be this way very long



cimg0642 cimg0643

To hold you in time
To hold you in time
To hold you in time
To hold you in time




And we’re dancing, early hours drunken days finally ended
And the streets turn for pillowcase
And I fumble all good lie
Then the ecstasy turns the writhing light through our windowpane
Now I am gone, I left flowers for you there”



Lyrics by Animal Collective, “In the Flowers”

Info on Showa-Kinen Park, in Nishi-Tachikawa, because its my number 1 park recommendation if you travel to Japan in the Spring!

I was feeling a little euphoric here – look at all those flowers! It was really beautiful. About these pictures – I’m not sure whats going on…they are so small! I am always messing around with the organization of my photos and creating computer problems I can’t solve. Ay ay ay… good thing I have my own computer technician…; )

Its another beautiful day here and Yuko is in Japan now so I need to go get ready to see her! I can’t wait!!

*click images for full view (Oh! What did I do?!?! They don’t enlarge when you click them! Sigh..I’ll try to fix this)

**thanks for viewing!


3 responses to “In the Flowers: Showa Kinen Park

  1. very good photo’s – I have been looking for other Bloggers that take photo’s – your site is very inspiring.

    Thank you.

  2. oh my goodness what movie set are you on, everything looks so unreal!!

    mega jealous

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