Sunny Daikanyama

My new favorite place! Well, one of them – its up there with Shimokitazawa and Ura-Harajuku for sure. Yuko is In Japan now so we went exploring before my class. : )

cimg06791 cimg0681

Powerlines powerlines..

Powerlines powerlines..






cimg0693 cimg0701




This is really my kind of place – lots of personality. Good call Ben. What’s even better is that its covered in cool stickers and tags, which you know I always stop for – well, anyone who has spent time walking around with me knows (sorry guys!). I’ll leave those for a future post though. As per request I’ve been taking more pictures of food lately, so you can be sure to see those soon too.

By the way, film is kind of an expensive hobby so I’ve decided to limit myself to one roll a week – I’ll still be using my digital camera on the other days of course. Thanks for viewing as always!! : )

*click images for full view


3 responses to “Sunny Daikanyama

  1. ya i bet all that film stuff must be such a hassle. but they look so different from digital. i wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other though. the pictures from both look equally good.

    can’t wait for the food pics. you could be on foodgawker!

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