La Fee Delice

I have walked byLa Fee Delice a number of times and always wanted to go in. It looks like a charmingly eccentric house from the outside (and even more so once you go in!). Kohei and Yuko and I were wandering around Ura-Harajuku waiting for Cafe Liberte at the Tokyo Hipster club to open up when we happened upon it.  I mentioned that I had always wanted to go inside and so we decided to leave the Cafe for another day and go in.



When I finally have the means to create my own cafe (I’m nearly positive I will someday), its going to be colorful and eccentric and full of charming little details like this (and pix, remember, my favorite!)

The menu was mostly crepes, both savory and sweet – but there were a few meals as well. The crepes served here are the simple, traditional sort – unlike the super creative takeshitadori crepe stand variety (i.e. strawberry cheesecake with icecream, red bean and mochi, tuna and corn, etc..). We all ordered the “Galette” lunch set, which included the “complete” crepe (ham, cheese, egg), a salad, and iced tea. We also ordered a couple of dessert crepes afterwards (one chocolate and one honey), but devoured them before I remembered to take a picture!

A buckwheat crepe with ham, cheese, and an egg. Served with a small salad.

A buckwheat crepe with ham, cheese, and an egg. Served with a small salad.



Hahaha caught off guard.

Hahaha caught off guard.


There are some really nice pictures on the website so take a look (linked above). Anyway I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area. : )

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**thanks for looking


7 responses to “La Fee Delice

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  2. Okay. So after accidentally coming across your site and then spending almost an hour browsing through photos..I think I’m hooked on your site! I lived in Japan for almost seven years… graduated from high school there. I’ve been going back ever since to visit friends and work :) You have done a beautiful job of posting pictures of what Japan is all about..the details. Love it. Keep it up.

  3. JCarson – Thank you so much for looking! Since you have lived in Japan for so long perhaps you can give me some recommendations?? : )

  4. oh yea! recommendations! how selfish of me. Hmm.. well you have covered a lot of ground already but i would def recommend going to fish market, mt fuji, and kyoto before you leave. kyoto is home for lots of college students so it’s super fun at night and great for used clothing buying/selling. Oh, and the National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo has all that american food you might be missing (hamburger helper haha). Hiroo is also near a great park. Sorry if you heard or done this all before! If I think of more I’ll let you know…

  5. ahhh..i went in that cafe to but didn:t eat anything, upstair is a hat store with everything u can put on your head..

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