Mita-ka (film)

Pictures from the same walk through Kichijoji. Mita-ka is where the Ghibli Museum is and its terribly charming.

On the left: "Let's go home by 5pm" and on the right: "If you think you're in danger, yell out!"

On the left: "Let's go home by 5pm" and on the right: "If you think you're in danger, yell out!"





"Mama-Chari" - mommy chariots.

"Mama-Chari" - mommy chariots.

"Let's quit" (smoking while walking)

"Let's quit" (smoking while walking)



Thanks for looking, have a lovely day : )

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6 responses to “Mita-ka (film)

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  2. ‘Terribly charming’; I love that! Its like saying. “Oh your dress is awfully pretty…”. The irony is so horribly subtle isn’t it!

    Oh, I figured why I like your photos. The colouring is slightly washed out, giving them a strange solemnity and it reminds me of the photos of japan from my High School Japanese textbook, which was published in the 80’s. It had pictures of Sony cassette Walkmans and point and shoot film cameras as examples of cutting edge Japanese technology.

    Which begs the silly question, are you existing in the past and sending us (in the future) photos through your blog?

  3. These are great. So glad to see someone also shooting film. Though, are you as annoyed at scanning as I am?

    These remind me that someday I need to go back to Japan. I was there when I was 10 with my Mom and something tells me it would be a different experience now.

    • RM – Thank you! Actually, I ask for a cd of the scans at the developing place rather than prints. Its cheaper and it saves me a lot of effort. Do you develop all your own film? If not perhaps you could ask the place you get it developed if they will scan them to a cd for you.

      In any case your photos are great! I especially like the format of your website. I looked at all of the series and I really like Alsco and Jeff Dywelska!

      • I am kinda backwards, I have the lab dev the film and then I cut and scan everything at home on my giant cinder block of a scanner. I would do the CD thing, but I have this obsession with having high-res printable files, so all the scans I do at home are around 60mb each, which would cost like a fillion dollars at the lab for that size. However, considering that I’m about 50 rolls backlogged, I would almost consider the cost (if I had it). Maybe I can hire a free assistant to work for me, and unknown photographer…and the benefit for that person would beeeee. um. sure!

        Thanks for the nice words on the site/galleries. I hope to get more up there soon. I have about 15 rolls left of a giant road trip I took throughout BC that I hope to do something with if I ever get through the scans. gah!!


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