On the way to Yoyogi Park (film)

Not quite Yoyogi...Yuko and I got lost for a little while.

Not quite Yoyogi...Yuko and I got lost for a little while.

I had a comment on my last post asking if I am actually existing in the past and sending pictures to the future, because my film photos have such an old, faded look…Hahaha. Well, It is indeed the year 2009 for me as well, thats just how the film turns out. I’m not sure why… people knowledgeable about cameras: could it just be the camera (a Canon EOS Rebel K2)? My film from seattle (on the original camera (that I dropped)) didn’t have this faded look, and I have tried film from the U.S. and Japan on this new (used) camera and both come out with rather distorted coloring. I actually think the difference between the photos I take and the reality I saw is interesting, and I’m posting completely unedited film photos on here.  If you have any thoughts on this please let me know!


Near Meiji Jungu – one of my favorite temples. I love walking through this huge forest and past the big barrels of sake and wine (donations?) to get to the temple. I always feel amazed that just outside of the trees are the hectic streets of Harajuku but its so quite inside these long walkways.


We’ve got all kinds of holidays coming up in Japan. Actually today is Keio University’s birthday (founding day) so I have the day off! Next week we have Wednesday off, and then May 2-6 off as well. The long break is for “Golden Week,” which isn’t really a week, but I won’t complain. I had thought about doing some traveling but I think I’m going to stay in Tokyo and save up for bigger trips (hopefully Korea and the Philippines).  Travel rates go through the roof during Golden Week since the whole nation has it off. Any suggestions for places to go/ things to do within Tokyo?

Thanks for viewing!

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11 responses to “On the way to Yoyogi Park (film)

  1. hmm i don’t have that much experience with cameras but the pictures look like they’re getting too much light. tabun you can try playing with the exposure or using lower iso film. or it could be, like you said, and the camera is broke.

    i like how they look though.

  2. that is one impressive looking gate! beautiful photos. i was once in shanghai during their golden holiday and the city was completely desserted, the constant cloud of smog lifted and you could actually hear birds singing. a strange experience. enjoy your days off in tokyo allison!

  3. philippines!!!

    i haven’t heard back yet. i’m beyond anxious at this point.

  4. I’m glad other people noticed this. I absolutely love the look; it’s very vintage but still has a modern edge. I can’t be sure, but let me speculate and ask a few questions.

    1.) Is the film you use from Seattle the same brand as the film you are using now?

    2.) What ISO (film speed) are you shooting at?

    Film will tend to be a bit more “washed out” than digital; this is due to the much more natural grain of film and the way film speed works on the differing technologies.

    • Thanks Joe,
      I’m pretty sure this is different film from what I used in Seattle, but I’ll play around with the ISO more and see what happens. Haha I’m definitely still in the learning process..

      • Yeah, it’s probably the film and the iso. Remember what settings you have now, because the look is great!

  5. I love Meiji Jingu. It’s such a wonderful detour from Harajuku! I also got lost on my way to Yoyogi with my host sister, it ended up being a nice little walk (:

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