Sunday Brunch Deli & Baking Co. (film)

A corner of the cafe - charming, no?

Alright, You know those strange casseroles and jello-spam-canned bean concoctions you sometimes see in old Life magazines and advertisements from the 1940s and 50s? I always thought the reason they looked so unappetizing was related to the ingredients used or the presentation…But now I’m second guessing myself…maybe those meals tasted ok…it was simply the odd colors they came out in vintage photography that made them look gross. Well…jello and vegetables IS a pretty inexcusable combination, but I’m not kidding about the photography.


See the other day Ben and I were shopping in Shimokitazawa and stopped at Sunday Brunch – Deli & Baking Co. for lunch. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the portion sizes at the cafe actually matched our appetites, and the food was delicious. You could order from the regular menu for lunch or go with the deli plate option and choose a few items from the deli instead. The bakery sweets also looked tempting but I held back because I had these to look forward to…

Cola flavored High Chew candies...MMM

Cola flavored High Chew candies...MMM

I ordered a tuna and avocado sandwich and it was incredibly good. It was served with just the sandwich on a plate..but it looked simple and delicious and so I decided to take a picture with my film camera – and of Ben’s meal (Hamburger Loco Moco – which was more like meatball loco moco) as well. Alas.. I think I have to mark this as a relative FAIL for film….



I’m willing to bet my technicolor tuna sandwich and Ben’s loco moco look just about as appetizing as those spam-bean-cornbread recipe suggestions of decades past…so how can I persuade you of how good they were?? I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. I think I’ll leave the food reviews for my digital camera from now on. : P

Really though, if you’re in the area, I highly recommend you stop by. Sit at the stools by the window and people watch while you wait for your meal.

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**thanks for reading : )

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2 responses to “Sunday Brunch Deli & Baking Co. (film)

  1. i love your camera

    listen to the song evil by beads on the song of the day playlist, it is from April 3rd

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