Street art: Recent finds in Harajuku & Shibuya

Oh yes, more pictures of stickers and tags and street art. Ura-Harajuku is one of my favorite spots because its everywhere!




cimg07881 cimg0794


cimg0797 cimg0799







Nice collection, yeah? The Marco one, the woman with ice cream hair, is a personal favorite. As well as the faces up on the top. Which do you like? Are some of these starting to become a little familiar? Stay tuned, I have lots more to share soon.

*click images for full view

**thanks for viewing!

By the way, did you see this billboard piece on today? I would just die in NYC – this kind of stuff is so cool.


9 responses to “Street art: Recent finds in Harajuku & Shibuya

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  3. The skeleton is some artists variation of a Hokusai print. (the same artist who made the giant wave block prit in the 17/1800’s.)
    And….uuhh…i’m pretty sure the ice cream hair is a man not a woman. ..ehhehh
    Aweosme none the less, I hope there’s a sequal to this

    • Oh Really? What is the original print called? I’d like to see it.

      Do you think the ice cream hair is a man because of the name marco? I guess I just figured it was a woman because of the hair! Hahaha..

      There will probably be several sequels to this before I leave Japan so check back!

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