Tokyo Design Festa Gallery

If you’re living in Tokyo you’ve probably heard of this or have been before. Wind through the streets of Ura-Harajuku for a little while and you’ll find this unique art gallery…its pretty hard to miss.



As you can see on the Design Festa website, the gallery has 29 spaces for artists to showcase their work in individual rooms. They also have a small cafe and an Okonomiyaki restaurant!

Now for some pictures from the day I was there!


This room was full of these little kappa's (spirits?), pictures of them, a video of them, etc. Click the small images below to see more.

This room was full of these little kappa's (spirits?), pictures of them, a video of them, etc. Click the small images below to see more.

cimg0772 cimg0773 cimg0780 cimg0777

Hallways of the gallery

Hallways of the gallery


cimg0783 cimg0785



The cafe

The cafe



cimg0823 cimg0802


This gallery is FREE to go in so add it to your list of things to do in Tokyo! I definitely plan on going back again to see what has changed here soon.

Have you been here before? Know of any similar places? My friends and I didn’t actually eat here, is the food good??

*click images for full view


15 responses to “Tokyo Design Festa Gallery

  1. woah. you’re such a regular on notcot. good for you.

    anyways, the place looks super hip and i will make sure that i visit when i am in japan. it’ll be too perfect if the okonomiyaki is good but then again i don’t know how one would make bad okonomiyaki so it’s probably delicious!

  2. If you’re in Tokyo in May, you should definitely check out the Design Festa Art Event. 1,500 some artists are all taking over Tokyo Big Site. Basically, imagine the DF gallery, but taken to an unimaginable scale. I’m flying out from the states to take part!

    • Eva –
      Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t know about it but I’m definitely going to check it out now – sounds amazing!! Are you actually participating in it or just going to see?

      • Yah! I’ll be in booth D-001, the first booth to the left of the main entrance, I think.
        I’ve never been to one before, but a friend in Japan convinced me to come show off my sculptures for it. I’m really excited about it.

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  8. Great post. Are you keeping on top of the blogs linking to you? You’ve definitely got people stealing your pics and some of your copy.

    As for the food, it’s the whole reason to go! Not only do they have excellent okonomiyaki, but they also have a nomihodai for the shockingly low price of 1400 yen. If you go with friends, it’s easy for everyone to leave full and happy for under $25.

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