Bathtile Green (film)







The last one looks like a ghost, no? I’ve been walking by it on my way to school everyday and finally took a picture last week. I think you can almost always find something unusual in the ordinary. I’m listening to Carissa’s Weird (thus the title of this post), contemplating picking up Mrs. Dalloway (a reading choice inspired by Milne & Marquez, ha), and waiting for my loved ones across the world to wake up. Tomorrow is the first day of May, I have exactly 3 months left in Japan.

Tomorrow Yuko and I are going to Meguro to try one of the vegetarian cafes we learned about at the Earth Day Festival. You can be sure there will be a photo-review after! Thanks for reading.

*click images for full view


5 responses to “Bathtile Green (film)

  1. wow I know that door but I never noticed that before. thats cool. nice random pic of me thrown in haha.

  2. i can’t decide if i like the button (u.s.senate) better or the cleaning man

  3. That wall is awesome.
    As is the door.

    I’m looking forward to the vegetarian cafe review, I’ll check it out next time I’m there!

    Have I mentioned how much you make me miss Tokyo?!

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