Epson Aquarium, Shinagawa

The rain interrupted plans my friends and I had made to spend the day in Enoshima today so Yuko and I went to the Epson Aquarium in Shinagawa instead. It was pretty expensive (1,800yen, or ~$18), but seemed a worthwile way to spend a day out of the rain. I love the blue glow of aquariums…I could watch jellyfish float around all day.

cimg11442 cimg11431

Unfortunately for me this aquarium wasn’t big on jellyfish – only a small tank of little ones. Everything else was pretty fascinating though…I guess I’ll just have to indulge myself and see how the other aquariums around here compare.













Beautiful, no?

Neither of us thought we would like the dolphin show very much but we both loved it…and left wondering how to go about becoming dolphin trainers. Haha, well, dear loved ones: would you support a slight change in career paths? Just kidding, just kidding. It was pretty incredible though.. : )

Thanks for reading.

*click images for full view

11 responses to “Epson Aquarium, Shinagawa

  1. hahaha you are a pervert hahahaha

    I don’t think I have ever seen one of the sharks/fish that has a nose like a saw. SawFish = Bad horror movie + fish?

  2. Awesome PictureS! =)
    Career Change Sounds Good To Me(So Kidding!)..
    (BUT)Teachers Are Gettin Cut Left and Right(SAD PANAD FOR ME AS WELL..)

    working at a aquarium sounds freaking awesome though!

  3. The second picture of the sword fish made me laugh out loud because it’s face reminds me of the bad guy in Nightmare Before Christmas. It looks sooo mean!

    • isn’t it creepy?! it DOES look like that though…
      it was simultaneously cute (because it looks kind of happy, right?) and scary..

  4. i really really like aquariums and that blue glow! great photos especially the jellyfish one.

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