Only a preview (film)




I’ve been told the steady rain we’ve had for the past few days is only a preview of the rainy season to come next month. The stores are starting to sell things to protect against mold, because apparently with the rains come intense humidity. For now though, its not so bad… I woke up this morning to an incredible thunderstorm… three times! It was amazing! Loud enough to wake me up at 7, then 7:30, then 8ish – when I decided to just get up (and for all my friends that call me granny and would say I always get up early.. I was actually planning to sleep in today!). Now its going again..booming thunder and lightening.

Anyway, here are some more pictures from the aquarium (but on film, obviously). They look much more dreamy than the digital photos, I think…perhaps even a little spooky.


An aquatic-themed carousel inside… it was so pretty.. Yuko and I watched it while sneakily eating our homemade onigiri.





I looked this thing up – its called a “dwarf sawfish”, is “critically endangered,” and this aquarium is the only one in the world displaying them!




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3 responses to “Only a preview (film)

  1. I just wanna give that poor little girl in the Seven Eleven photo an umbrella!!

    I haven’t been to this aquarium, but I went to the Shinagawa Aquarium with my boyfriend (on White Day!) and that was pretty cool.

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