Tomato Ramen in Tamachi

I promise I will update this with the name of the place as soon as I remember to walk by again. I hate it when I do that…eat somewhere and forget to pay attention to the name of the place! This was just a little ramen shop in Tamachi, near Keio. What’s special about it is the おすすめーthe recommended dish, which was tomato ramen. Ben had been here before and said it was good but I was still a little skeptical…


My skepticism was unfounded…this ramen was delicious! One of my favorites of the year. I guess I had been expecting a thick tomato soup (you know, like we eat with grilled cheese in the US) with ramen thrown in, but the tomato base was nice and light and full of fresh tomatoes – and as Hui Hui from Singapore pointed out, tasted a little bit like minestrone soup. Just take my word for it. Once I get the name of the place on here go find it and taste for yourself! I apologize if you don’t live in Tokyo…maybe someday right? : )


The lighting inside was not too good, so I suppose the pictures might not make it look too appetizing..ha.





Did I mention that its quite small? They have table seating upstairs but only if you plan to drink.

Does anyone know other tomato ramen places in Tokyo? I thought I was pretty devoted to shoyu ramen but I might have to change my mind..!


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5 responses to “Tomato Ramen in Tamachi

  1. hi. Allison, there’s a tomato ramen near my house at Otsuka(大塚), they also have a branch at Kinchicho (錦糸町). I’ve been wanting to try it but haven’t had a chance yet..

    Taiyou No Tomato Ramen

    btw. the name of the shop you went is “RAMEN SHIBA” I think..

    • Wow you left a comment, MK!! : D
      Lets go try the place in Kinchicho sometime!
      So you have been to this place I went before? Shiba does sound familiar…I think you are right!

      • Yeah. Let’s go try out the Tomato Ramen at Kinshicho or Otsuka.

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