Zojoji Temple (film)

Yesterday I got out of class about 5 minutes after it started and had almost 2 hours to kill before my next class (!) so I went for a walk around Hamamatsucho. I walked through Shibakoen, near the Tokyo Tower, then looked around Zojoji Temple, then down towards Hamamatsucho station and back to Tamachi just in time to drop off this film and run to class!




Interesting juxtaposition, no? This temple and Shibakoen, the park next to it, are like an oasis in the middle of the city. I went inside and it was beautiful! Anyway I forgot the worship (?) protocol though – toss a coin, bow, clap…something like that? I just admired it all for a few minutes and walked back out. Can someone remind me?


Others from nearby:





I don’t have class tomorrow so I’m going to bring my camera and some lunch and walk as far as I can! I hope you enjoy your day too! : )

*click images for full view


5 responses to “Zojoji Temple (film)

  1. I really like that directory pic with the tower all out of focus in the back. Have you ever printed any pictures out? I just ordered 2 poster sized prints from walgreens and I’m excited to see how it looks.

    and tsk tsk for not knowing. it’s bow bow clap clap bow right?

    • Haha shame on me, I know. How many temples have I visited in the last year?!

      I have definitely thought about making prints. I will probably do that when I get back and decorate my room with them. Which pictures did you print?

  2. Nice pictures, I also really like the directory pic with the tower in the background out of focus. Zojoji is actually my favourite place in Tokyo, looking forward to taking more pictures when I return (going back to Japan this summer :D )
    I haven’t uploaded much of my Zojoji pics on my blog by the looks of it, I don’t update the blog much these days, but be sure to check these out if you’re interested.



    • Those are great! Thanks for sharing them. Yeah I think Zojoji has become one of my favorites. I haven’t been there at night yet but I’ll have to check it out after seeing your pictures.

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