Look Down and Look Up (film)

In high school I actually took a photography class for one trimester as an elective credit. I used my dad’s old film camera and learned how to develop black and white film and all that – but of course I’ve pretty much forgotten by now. One thing that stuck with me though is something the teacher told us before a photo assignment. He said photography is not only about aperture and shutterspeed and all that, its about looking at things in different ways. For that assignment he asked us to simply look around. Look up, look at the ground, pay attention to the gum on the walls even! He said anything can be interesting depending on how you look at it. I think so too.












These were all taken around Kawasaki, Kanagawa on my epic afternoon stroll yesterday, which I will describe with tomorrow’s photos.

Today was a pretty normal day except for one very unexpected event—I got to touch a live, puffed up blowfish! Restaurants that serve poisonous blowfish, which is called Fugu, are pretty common here. Of course people don’t eat the poisonous parts and chefs need a special license to prepare it. These places almost always have a huge tank full of the live Fugu in the front window.  I have yet to try it but I’m going to one of these days! Annnnyyyways, Ben and I were looking in one of these tanks at a place near campus after school today and laughing at how funny the blowfish are (they have kind of a dumb smile on their face, and they looked as interested in us as we were in them) when one of the restaurant employees came out and asked us if we would like to touch one of the fish! He grabbed a net, scooped up a fish and grabbed it with his hands. It immediately puffed up and started hissing (well, it was probably gasping for air but it looked like it was trying to shoot venom at us or something). We touched the puffed up body and it was hard and covered in sharp points. I pointed to its mouth in surprise at the hissing and he said “あ, 口はだめ”–“Oh, don’t touch the mouth.” Duh! Then we said thanks and he tossed the fish back into the tank. Poor Fugu, you made it this time but your future doesn’t look too bright. Cool though huh? What a nice guy.

*click images for full view

4 responses to “Look Down and Look Up (film)

  1. cool! you got to touch a fugu!
    Where is that snail clock from? it’s the cutest clock i’ve ever seen!!!

  2. I agree with you and your photography teacher!
    I just recently found your blog and am pretty much in love with it!

  3. ye make me want to take a photography class now.. aweesome pictures :)

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