This Day of Change

CIMG1226There’s an interesting exhibit by Courrier Japon going on this month on the second floor pedestrian deck of Shinjuku’s Takayashima Department Store.  Courrier Japon sent 132 photographers to 79 different countries to document “what HOPE means to them” on January 20th, 2009, the day Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. They got back over 1,000 photographs and have recently published a book titled “THIS DAY OF CHANGE.” You can read more about the project here.

Here are some pictures I snapped walking by on the way to Kinokuniya book store:

CIMG1229CIMG1219CIMG1214CIMG1238 CIMG1237CIMG1230CIMG1228CIMG1251CIMG1249CIMG1245CIMG1239CIMG1211CIMG1213CIMG1216CIMG1217CIMG1218CIMG1220CIMG1221CIMG1222CIMG1223CIMG1227CIMG1232CIMG1233CIMG1234CIMG1235CIMG1240CIMG1246

CIMG1244 CIMG1248 CIMG1254

These are obviously not the best quality photos so you should go see for yourself if you live around here – the exhibit is going until May 31st. If not, maybe you could buy the book?

*click on the images for full view!


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