Design Festa International Art Event


Design Festa is a biannual event held at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. It began in 1994 and just finished it’s 29th run – with over 2,600 booths this weekend. I was only able to go for one day but I made sure to see everything. It took me a full 7 hours to cover it all but my sense of accomplishment at the end was pretty rewarding…and I was just a viewer – the artists must be exhausted. I talked with hundreds of people (as much as I could, with my limited Japanese), took pictures, collected dozens of business cards and brochures, and now after much deliberation present to you my top picks (in no particular order):

Kiei Takano

CIMG1463 CIMG1467


Kiei uses electrical telephone wire on top of his paintings  the piece on the top left contains over 300 meters of it! He also does classic painting in the Kano style in Kyoto.

Contact: email:    web:

an ad by Takuma Furuya

CIMG1521 CIMG1522

Takuma Furuya uses everyday products like Kagome fruit and vegetable juices to create art – other items included Xylitol gum and Dr. Pepper.





Karagon uses recycled products like cardboard, newspaper, and tissue paper to create his works.


Wasic, music + waste



Wasic makes environmentally concious amps and speakers using old electric appliances, furniture, and other recycled waste.


Face mask art by Romaten



I thought these were pretty funny in light of the swine flu epidemic.

Contact: No contact information offered, unfortunately. I think they just made these for the event.

トイトイ by Jun Kawaguchi


CIMG1495 CIMG1496


I loved these Japanese pop culture collages by Jun Kawaguchi!

Contact: email:  web:

Miyoko Tokita



Every face has a personality! I love the insecurity of the girls in the second painting.

Contact: mobile: 090-3543-7207 email: web:

Wada Misako


CIMG1389 Colorful and energetic paintings by Wada Misako. I particularly liked this family portrait. Definitely check out the the website, she has a great portfolio.

Contact: email: mobile: 090-3877-9781 web:

何でもない日 Usual Days



This is an illustrator-photographer team – the photographer on the right takes photos and the illustrator gives them a new life with creative illustrations inspried by the photos.

Contact: I’m still trying to find their info in the sea of business cards I collected at the event. I’ll post it as soon as I do.

Hand-painted umbrellas by Odanaotsugu



From the website it looks like he does some pretty cool installation art as well.

Contact: tel. & fax: 048-228-1085 email: web:

Eva Funderburgh’s Monsters



Cool sculptures by an American using traditional Japanese kilns. I would love to buy one if I was a bit wealthier!



What do you think? Any questions about the event? Let me know if you want any more information. Thannnnks.

*click images for full view


9 responses to “Design Festa International Art Event

  1. cool! haha wish i could’ve been more help. but in any case it was so fun!

  2. I really like the umbrellas. But then again, I’ve always had a secret desire to carry around a parasol.

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