Taiwan: Dragons, Lanterns, Orchids (film)


From the Shilin Market we walked to a temple we had passed earlier on the bus. We had seen trucks carrying what looked like materials for a festival outside of the temple and figured they were preparing for something that would take place in the evening, or in a few days. We decided then to come back after visiting the National Palace Museum.




Isn’t it stunning how ornately detailed this is?






Well, as you can see the temple is stunning but…. it turns out we missed the festival! It must have started shortly after we drove by earlier because all we got to see was people cleaning up afterwards and this news crew (or something) documenting it.



I don’t think you will find such exquisite detailing like this on any temples in Japan. They seem to be allll about simplicity here. Haha. If you know of any though, please let me know so I can go take pictures. I quite like visiting temples, simple or ornate.

Anyway I’m afraid I don’t know what this temple was called (do you, Yuko?) but I would recommended visiting it if I did! Actually we told Stephanie (see previous Taiwan posts) that we went here and she reacted as if it isn’t even that interesting. I guess there was a big confucian temple nearby (that must be more impressive still?) that we missed! Ha, go figure.

*click images for full view please : )


4 responses to “Taiwan: Dragons, Lanterns, Orchids (film)

  1. i don’t know what it’s called in english… but the temple is called 保安宮 : )

  2. so many scooters!!!! it looks like someone used photoshop and copy and pasted a shit load of em onto the street.

  3. I adore your photos. Makes me want to visit Taiwan. Okinawa actually has similar style on architecture, though I don’t remember if it’s as detailed as those in your pics. I also heard shrines at Nikko has a cool style; different from tradational Japanese simplest style. I personally love Japanese temples and shrines; I feel calm — well, of course if it’s not crowded, which is difficult to see especially in Tokyo. :P

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