I took myself on a little day trip out of the city to Nikko yesterday. I’m going to get my film developed today so I’ll post that later. In the meantime I thought I’d post some pictures of the delicious train bentos I ate on the way there and back!

#1. “30 Items Balance Bento”


CIMG1631 CIMG1632 The box & list of items included.





^thats a sugar coated sweet potato on the bottom



#2. “Delicious things from Nikko; (I’m not sure how to translate the rest of the name!)



The packaging on this one was nice but that divider didn’t work very well. The juice from the orange slice and kiwi spread on the bottom and some of the other items tasted a little citrus-y.




^ the circular item under the pretty purple fishcake is called Yuba – its the skin of tofu (?)



Since I don’t ever really eat fancy meals in Japan (I’d say 95% of my meals are under $10), bentos like this feel like a real treat. They’re filled with seasonal & regional items that are well matched and varied, and always fairly cheap – I think both of these were under $10, haha. The first one was by far the best bento (maybe one of the best meals?) I’ve ever eaten. Every single item was delicious and they all fit together perfectly. I would actually consider going to Shinjuku just to buy this. If you live in Japan, its at the “Ekiben” shop near the escalator down to platforms 5 and 6. The second one was just ok. I liked the yuba a lot, which was my reason for getting this bento, but as I said the citrus got on the other items and messed with the taste a little.

*click images for full view


3 responses to “Eki-ben

  1. Oh wow! I realy like the look of all that food!!! Ahh, I got a little sushi box with my lunch today but it looked nowhere near as good as that! Yours just looks so fresh n tasty!

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