Hidden Treasures (film)



A few places I walked by on the 15 minute walk up the World Heritage sites. It was a really nice, quiet town that obviously thrives on tourism.


The overwhelmingly gorgeous entrance to the world heritage sites (i.e. the temples):

At this point I decided to take out my headphones and just listen.

At this point I decided to take out my headphones and just listen.


Rinnoji Temple

Rinnoji Temple


Did you know pagodas are earthquake proof? Yep. They are built with interlocking posts and beams so they sway and absorb the shock of the earthquake rather than break apart.



I thought I would be safe going on a weekday but I seem to have picked field trip day. Other than myself and a few other lone travelers this area was brimming with elementary (middle?) school kids and elderly people on group tours. Whatching them fight for space in front of the various national treasures was pretty entertaining.



I had been told that the temples in Nikko are exceptionally ornate (among other Japanese temples) so of course I wanted to see. Well, I can tell you the reason. They are charging their visitors exorbitant rates, that’s why! I had to pay $13 here, $10 at another place, $5 at another two places! Ok, I know I make myself sound really cheap, but I hope they at least have some system for not charging their regular worshippers.






Yep, ::waves goodbye::, see you with more tomorrow.

*click images for full view!

3 responses to “Hidden Treasures (film)

  1. What the!? Not only do you provide super nice pictures but you also dish out random facts, that if repeated make you sound like a genius. Two of my favorite things combined; random facts and Japan.

    This blog is too much for me.

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