Seeing 青* (film)

*In Japanese 青 (ao) can mean both blue and green.

Its funny because I vaguely remember writing a month or so ago that I would not be using my film camera for more than one roll a week, because of the expense, and now I use it almost exclusively. I just haven’t been interested in my digital camera much lately. Although it captures an image that most closely resembles the reality I saw, I think the film camera is better at capturing the feeling of the moment – and I guess I also prefer the stylized, highly saturated appearance that I get without having to edit at all.


It was pretty obvious that those guys wanted to be in the picture.


If you’ve been following this blog since I started it last July I think you’ll have probably noticed how much my photos have changed. I began it as something for people at home to keep up with my experience and it has since turned into a hobby that I’m pretty dedicated to. Because it costs me around $10 to develop each roll of film and have it scanned onto a cd I’ve cut my spending on other things (i.e. clothing) dramatically. The anticipation of seeing how my film will turn out is addictive!


I really appreciate the comments, emails, and encouragement. I never imagined I would have several hundred people looking at this everyday! I’m thinking about making a website to accompany this and as per a few suggestions, maybe a photo book? If you have any ideas on this I’d love to hear them!



Ben took this.

Ben took this. Like my new shorts? Haha, I just cut up some jeans I hardly wore.





*please click images for full view


16 responses to “Seeing 青* (film)

  1. I really think producing a photo book is a good idea.

    Keep up the good work – I love your blog, it’s fantastic.

  2. Holy crap! $10 to develop film. I haven’t developed film for a year or so. Last time I did it, it only cost $2 to develop (since I would just scan them).

    Nice series of pictures.

    • yeah I think its cheaper back there. I might not be going to the cheapest place right now either but its run by the most adorable old couple and once they started remembering my name I couldn’t very well stop supporting their business.

      haha by the way who’s blog are you linking?

      • It’s the same back in Hawaii. Small film photography community. I used to drive 40 minutes to get my film supplies from this mom and pop shop. I only bought chemicals and film because I couldn’t afford a DSLR. When I look back at all the film I took, I probably shot enough to get a DSLR.

        Best part of developing is knowing you did the shit right. It’s like opening a present you totally love and bought for yourself, but forgot.

        Whose blog? Mine of course, dummy. Networking. Then again, I don’t blog much anymore. It’s all about Twitter. Only my friends read my blog anyways.

  3. I’m also obsessed with my film camera lately.
    Thankfully Walgreens (where I just got a job) has 1 hr for the same price as regular film processing.

    I love the colors in this post.
    What film are you using?

    Congrats on everything,
    and I’ll be here to support you!

    I’m heading back to Japan for 3 weeks in December/January. I’m so excited!!!

    • Chelsey – thank you so much I really appreciate it! :)
      Does your walgreens give the option to get the images scanned onto a cd? I LOVE that I can do that. I’ve been using Kodak film lately. I tried Fuji too but I think the colors in Kodak are slightly better – Fuji has a monopoly on the film market here though so Kodak is pretty hard to get a hold of. What do you use?

      That’s exciting that you’re coming back in the winter! I can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. Yea, we have that option.
    I wish I would have done that,
    instead of scanning 3 rolls of 36 exp film and 1 or 24 onto my computer, haha.

    I bought some lomography film (since I’m too poor for the cameras!!) from Urban Outfitters when I was there and I’m in love with it. But I won’t be getting back to an UO store in a while, so I was wondering what type of “mainstream” film you were using. I love the saturated colors you get with Kodak!!

    I was pres. of the photography club in high school so I have a bunch of random 12 and 24 exp black & white film sitting around that needs to be developed. But I’m a definite fan of my colors!

    I just signed up for a WordPress account,
    but haven’t had time to do anything to it.
    So I’ll be updating that sometime (if I ever get time!!) and I’ll let you know!!

    And thanks, I’m so stoked to go back and see everyone (especially my boyfriend…) and just spend time there. But I’m afraid I’ll never leave (again!!)

    When are you leaving?

    • I would LOVE to see your photos! I hope you make a blog soon! Please do let me know when you do.

      I’m leaving Japan in less than two months. Too bad we couldn’t meet up here!!

  5. OMG if you made a photo book I would be all over that:0)

    There really isn’t anything like film for capturing a moment, visually and emotionally.

    You should at the very least create a portfolio website, especially if you’re thinking about photography as a life-long thing…who knows what might come from it?!


  6. wow, the colors are just nicely great.
    love ’em
    i’d definitely vote for a photo book.
    great pics as always allison.
    hope when you’re already back in US, you’d still keep taking pics and share here :)


    • Thanks Niken! I always appreciate your comments : )
      I don’t think I could quite taking pictures when I got back even if I wanted to. I’m sure it will require a little more effort to take pictures of new and interesting things since I’ll be living in a significantly smaller area but I’m definitely going to keep it up. I’ll be sure to update this blog on the progress of a book too! : )

  7. make one of these!!!:

    && you should write pretty poems for accompaniment.

    &&& if you need a type designer, you should know my dream is to layout anthropologie spreads with gorgeous type like this:


    remember our business model for a francojaponais bakery called okashi (does okashi even make sense??) let’s get on that.

    also ebay is a pretty magical place to buy cheap, expired film. i got something like 20 rolls of expired 120 film for about $30.


    • Friend,

      Good idea!! I have seen one other book making site from iphoto but that one looks good too. I would actually really love your help! I think I’m really going to do it : )

      And of course I remember our business model. Actually I’m still up for it if you are. Hmm how can we get this off the ground. If only we had some super rich investors and some business smarts. Haha. Okashi is a perfect name. It means sweet but it can also mean strange or unusual or funny.

      I miss you!!! I can’t wait to see you as soon as I get home!!

      • aww okashi patisserie. let’s copyright that adorable nonsense stat!

        yay// your book could be a fun summer project. we can sit at clyde commons with a summerydrink [mine will taste better muahaha] and sketch it out!

        see you soon!!!

      • Just the thought of even sitting in Clyde Commons again having a better drink than yours with you fills me with joy! Haha ahh it will be so nice to hang out and future plan again. How about we get drunk at Clyde then go to the fountains?

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