Enoshima (film)

These girls were so funny, standing near the water in their heels, so shocked when it spashed them.











Beautiful place isn’t it? I thought about breaking these up but they seemed meant to be a set. I think I mentioned a month or two ago how much I like photographing the ocean – I could look at these all day. I want to go back again. I’ll write more on Enoshima tomorrow, just wanted to leave these alone since they’re my favorite set in a long time.

*click images for full view


12 responses to “Enoshima (film)

  1. Hey Allison!

    Thanks so much for your comment about my flower photo! I love Macro’s. I hope you don’t mind that I linked you on my blog roll ^_^”

    By the way, this is such a beautiful photo-set. I really, really love that photo of the Starfish!!!

    I can’t wait to see the next set of pictures tomorrow! :)

    p.s Sorry I didn’t ask to link you first, x.

    • Thats ok just as long as the blog is linked its fine :)

      I loved the starfish too but I was a little sad when I figured out it was dead! haha such is life.

      I’m looking forward to seeing more of your New Zealand photos too!

  2. p.s I just saw your comment about my pictures from Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand….

    In reply :) . . .

    Oh yeah, New Zealand is just a photographers paradise, literally speaking. Everywhere is just beautiful. That is just ONE of the locations like that! You should see Queens Town, and all of the other places on the Northern and Southern Islands, it’s breath taking!!

    A lot of Japanese people feel like the terrain and scenery here is similar to Japan… Rocky on the coast, then rounded in the tunneling parts of the natural areas. I love your temple photos by the way!

  3. the blues turn out so well in your film pictures!
    what’s that girl doing on that ladder?
    that last picture is amazing!!!

    i miss you!

    • Actually that was an Italian (I think) guy on the ladder. They were doing a professional fashion photo shoot – it was pretty interesting to watch!

      i miss you already too!!!

  4. Enoshima!!

    I went there with my boyfriend and my mom in March.
    We spent the day in Enoshima & Kamakura, and the night in Yokohama. It was perfect.

    Those pictures are like WOAH! gorgeous!!
    Especially the last one – so beautiful!

    I now have a photoblog, I only have 2 posts up because it takes FOREVER to insert all the dang pictures!
    But I’ll have many, many more up soon.


  5. Enoshima’s great, isn’t it? Your photos came out wonderfully, especially the last one where you can actually see the individual rays of sunlight.

    I hope you saw some of the temples and shrines and such, explored the town and didn’t just play in the waves all day. :P

    • Yeah the town is so nice! Have you been there a lot? I love beach towns like that. I took a few pictures in that part but I forgot to put them up…maybe I’ll do that tomorrow : )

  6. Wow, I went to Enoshima too when I was there in Japan this past winter. It really is a beautiful area, and I went to the same aquarium and even watched the dolphin show with my illustrator friends.

    Gorgeous pictures as always, Allison. A picture book of your collected photowork would be really cool.

  7. this beach series is perfect! they go very well together. i especially like the first two and last two : )

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