We are the Night (film)


So as you saw in my last post, I went to Enoshima. My friends and I had tried to go there several weeks ago but it rained so Yuko and I went to an aquarium instead. Last Sunday the weather was beautiful so we tried again and it was incredibly nice. I would love to go back there again since it keeps getting hotter. Anyway once it got dark we went to a sandy beach area and TRIED very hard to do some fireworks we bought at a convenience store on our way.


Summer in Japan is Hanabi (firework) season so you can find packs of sparklers and fountains pretty easily. Firework shows are really common as well. Anyway it was a nice balmy day but as soon as the sun set it got ridiculously windy. We had to huddle into groups to block it out and flick the lighters 15 times before we could get a sparkler lit, then rush to light other ones with that. In this picture Ben is successfully lighting a sparkler with his cigarette. Which was probably a bad idea..


I was pretty excited to try long exposure shots and name writing and all that but the stars were just not aligned for us tonight. Haha, besides, these Japanese sparklers are cheap! The burning part is only a few inches long so they don’t last more than ten seconds!


I studied this one for a while to see if I could see any letters or clues as to who it is but I’m stuck.


That looks like a pretty definite A so I’m guessing this was Allan.

Here are some other night shots I’ve taken recently:

Taken outside a restaurant in Aoyama.

Taken outside a restaurant in Aoyama.

In fancy Omotesando of course

In fancy Omotesando of course


Same building as the last photo


Oh and I made this one for you…

Its not long until I get to see you again : )

Its not long until I get to see you again : )


*click images for full view please!


7 responses to “We are the Night (film)

  1. I love these!!
    They’re awesome.

    I’ve done a few of these with my digi cam, but never with film.
    I have a feeling that if I try it, it will NOT turn out at all how I want it to…haha.

    I’m working on getting a post with my latest film on it up, but the time it takes to insert pictures is KILLING me. Man!! It should be up within the hour, though. (:

  2. That Louis Vuitton store is so colorful…

    Oh, this might not be related to your post, but I just read there is this restaurant in Tokyo that serves weird kind of ramen. Not sure if it’s close by to you, but in case you want to know, the name is Kikuya. From what I have seen on some pictures, the food looks kinda gross though. This is the article that I read: http://www.japanitup.com/ice-cream-ramen/

  3. i think the one you couldnt see was mines cuz i can see the m and the o.. since i kept on doing m and o’s…


  4. hey this looks great! never tried this painting with light technique. the last one is my favorite also

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