Koenji (film)


Once again, I have a new favorite place. Koenji is like a bigger version of Shimokitazawa with even more exciting alley ways to wander down, used clothing stores, creative cafes, and street art! You can definitely expect to see another few posts from here before I leave Japan.


Haha what a funny name..

Haha what a funny name..

Yuko put this online the other day so I was pretty excited to find it!

Yuko put this online the other day so I was pretty excited to find it!

I wonder if they meant to say "drugs" instead of "drag"

I wonder if they meant to say "drugs" instead of "drag"








My friend Kirk met up with me after he got off and showed me this adorable cafe that I haaaave to go back to. It had the most delicious mont blanc and pumpkin mont blanc I’ve ever had. MMM. It was incredibly cute too.


So vivid!

So vivid! So thoughtful! haha

Just like a treehouse.

Just like a treehouse.

Yes, new favorite area indeed. [[[[[[By the way!! I intended for this to go up over the weekend while I was in KYOTO, but for some reason the automatic posting didn’t work. My apologies. I missed you for two days too ; p]]]]]]]

Kyoto pictures will be up soon.

*click images for full view!


16 responses to “Koenji (film)

  1. I so need to go here!
    Oh man, definitely making my boy take me here (:
    Once again, I’m jealous!!

  2. wow, maybe that bike is part of the street art? :D
    I reaaaaally wanted to go to that cafe! We were too full to go there when we saw it… I didn’t know it was that cool looking inside!
    and I love the poster of Aso!
    ahhh, I miss Japan!

  3. You have such an amazing eye for this stuff! Every time I come here, I find a new place I want to see. I’m going to have to make some kind of priority list for my visit in October!

      • Oh! I mean “here” as in your blog. :D Sorry about that — vague pronouns! October will be my first visit to Japan, so I’m betting I’m going to be looking for all these places as we wander around!

    • Oh I know I need to get over to Odaiba and see that thing!

      As for cheap places, definitely just google search “cheap hostels” – I have stayed at two in Asakusa that were both really good. I think one of them is called Backpackers K house and it was great! Hostels in Japan are nice and the people there are really friendly and helpful. You could also of course try the famous capsule hotels but hostels are actually cheaper.

  4. yeah, that little treehouse place looks very cozy and fairy tale like – nice find!

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