Stickers (film)

Sticker hunting in Shibuya & Harajuku. Its been a while right? Gomen ne.


Partybots in Tokyo! More to come on that soon..












What do you think about these? What do you think about sticker-ing cities in general? I think there’s a huge difference between putting up stickers and images that make our cities more fun/ interesting (I guess that’s subjective) to look at and just scribbling up tags, but people often seem to group it all together. I like the idea of reclaiming spaces too but I know its controversial. I’d like to hear your thoughts..

More street art to come in the next few days!

Also: my official website is finally in the works so more on that soon too.

*please click images for full view

15 responses to “Stickers (film)

  1. I have seen the the image of the girl eating her heart as an icecream around the city and Fitzroy in Melbourne.

  2. i have a lofty respect for stencil, wheat-paste, and stickery. it is a shame that street art has such a stigma, but the the tags (the messy, adolescent ones) mar the reputation of honest, thought-provoking (and unsolicited) public art.

    just found the blog, by the way. great work! i’ll be following.

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  4. hehe, did you see what your post number on notcot is for this link???
    It’s amazing! 22622! It’s saying Allison’s turning 22 on 6/22 hehe :D I don’t know how I noticed that… I never look at the post numbers.
    Happy Birthday again Seattle time!

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