It always rains on a picnic* (film)

L. Ploy is going to be the first to leave Japan….just over a week now… : (

FH000014 FH000013

>I’m going to visit you in Thailand someday L.!




She had a bit of a wipe-out on her bike recently

Who is Yujiro?

Who is Yujiro?


She spelled my name wrong : )

She spelled my name wrong : )

I added a few of these to my website as part of a “portrait series” I’m starting. Pretty excited about it..muahaha.

Man this business of leaving all the good friends I’ve made this year is going to be tough. What to do what to do? Work like crazy when I get back and save up all my money so I  can go visit everyone all over the world? たぶん、ね。

*Song title from Sad Sappy Sucker (Modest Mouse)

**click images for full view (you know you want to!)


6 responses to “It always rains on a picnic* (film)

  1. im really going to miss her.. what will we do with out her?!?!


    this is sad..

  2. these pictures are so lovely!

    it’s always sad leaving friends… but now you know all these people around the world that you can look forward to visiting one day!? : )

  3. I saw these on your website (:
    It’s so sad to leave everyone,
    but you just have to think about the amazing memories you’ve made and look forward to seeing them all again!!

  4. Wow….has your time in Japan almost come to an end? When are you moving back?

    I have to say I will miss all of your Nippon photos:(. Please take a lot during your last weeks!

    Mata ne.

    • Isn’t it sad! Less than a month now. I’m going to take like a roll a day so don’t worry! If there’s anything in particular you think I should see please let me know

      I really appreciate you following along with this all this time Anne.. : )

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