At the Park! (film)

Ben and Anna and I went to kill time at an extremely small park near Keio (it has swings!) last Friday and made a friend – well Ben in particular made a friend.


Anna: 名前は何ですか? What’s your name?

Kid: あるけど。。。 I have one but…




He spent forever trying to explain something about a camera and a battery and a phone to us but we’re apparently still not good enough at Japanese to communicate with a 6 year old.




Cute huh?

Other recent portraits:

Mel is back visiting!

Mel is back visiting!

Marissa from Singapore

Marissa from Singapore

Her hair has a nice purple hue in this picture : )

Her hair has a nice purple hue in this picture : )

Upcoming posts:

– Keio SFC campus festival (we dressed up in yukata and jinbei!)

– tanabata boat excursion (basically a dressed up Japanese style booze cruise)

– biking Tokyo!

*oh I almost forgot to say – click images for full view!

4 responses to “At the Park! (film)

  1. The kid is super kawaii. :)

    Also, do you mind if I ask what kind of film you use? I’m planning on getting a film SLR myself. You are one of my inspirations. :)

    • Oh thanks!! I’m just using Kodak Super Gold 400 lately. Sometimes Fuji too because Kodak is kind of hard to find in Japan. Your photos are amazing though! I’m the one that should be complimenting you. Your site is going straight into my google reader. Thanks for commenting so I could find out about it!

  2. You’re one of my inspirations as well!
    Everyone in this post is adorable!
    But you need to upload some pictures of yourself, missy.

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