Quick Question

I’ve been thinking for a while now about changing my banner – I’m bored of the pink blossom image and I want to change it to a film picture since that’s more of the direction I’ve been going in lately. Which one of the images below do you think would be a good fit? Is there another I’ve put up you think would make a good banner?

I’ve cropped them to give an idea of how they will look when fitted into the banner. I really hope to hear your opinion – even if you just say “#1” or something like that. Thanks!















I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts – thank you!

*click images for full view


47 responses to “Quick Question

  1. oh shoot, that is a toughy

    I like the cell phone toys (4), but I like how busy 1,5 and 6 are. Maybe 5 is more 24:00

  2. hmm I am liking 7 for your banner.
    …but i also like 6 personally on its own

  3. i love #2 as its own image (or maybe the banner for a pnw blog!). #6 is also very lovely; i like the warm, golden hour hue about it. but in my mind i picture tokyo always at night, i don’t know why, so i think #5 is fantastic.

  4. I like #6 best as a banner. I think it has the right composition for the page layout (also, it is really awesome).

  5. how about #1 and #5 together!!! i really liek the guy in #1.. #7 is really nice too.. but a bit too calm for my taste and for your fruitful blog! #3 reminds me of an asian style, clean, sisterhood of the pants–whatever movie that was called..hehe.. SO to conclude, i want to see a 1 and 5 !! :)

  6. wait…. can i take that last comment back.. after looking it at again and trying to imagine it on your blog.. i like 7.. hahahah the other ones that i chose last are dark! and your blog is so bright….haha! ok, studying for my kanji final now.

  7. I love the cherry blossoms, but number three is SO great! I don’t know, something about the composition and the colors and…I just dig it, man!

  8. 1, 2 ,5, or 6!!!!

    i really love 5 or 6 cuz of the lights

    but 1 looks SWEET and 2 is nice as well!!

  9. I’d vote for 3 or 5. #3 is bright and sunny, and reflects your theme of “a girl’s adventures in Japan” while #5 represents the other side of the main themes of your blog, that of the streets of Tokyo, and the gritty, exciting, active nightlife.

    Most of the others seem a bit too quiet to me, too muted. Like the wrong time of day/night, when everyone’s gone home, and the streets aren’t as exciting as they would be at the right time of day…

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a while a now, but I’ve never commented before. I can’t even recall how I discovered this in the first place, but I’m really glad I did. Your photos are beautiful.

    Anyway, you’ve made this decision really hard by including so many options…
    My favorites are 2, 3, 4 and 7. I think 7 might fit in most with the theme of your blog as it suggests the vastness of the city and the many miles there are to explore. 3 is just a flat out beautiful shot the girls seem so peaceful. 2 is simply the picture that really grabbed me and 4 is really colorful and reminds me of Loft.

    You keep talking about the possibility of making a photo book..please do. I would be a happy customer!

    • Jamie – thanks for your comment and thank you for following this blog! A photo book is definitely on the way, I’m just waiting until the end of my time in Japan so I can include more photos. I should have it ready within a month or so! : )

    • Ah that’s such a great idea – I’d really love to do that but the problem is the banner is not part of the main body of the page or whatever it says on that site. Its like a premade format that I can customize by uploading my own image.. hmm I’ll play around with wordpress more and see if I can figure out how to edit that format..

  11. 7! or maybe 2 : )

    if you could do what mk says above, that would be the best!!! : )

  12. Hey,what about the pic with the businessman and all of the bicycles?

  13. holy moly, this is like your most popular post ever and i want to be a part of it!

    Since you only have a month left, I say keep the cherry blossoms. It’s such a staple of this blog. Changing the banner is as drastic of a change as is changing the background color or even the url!

    Oh. And I always thought the it looked kind of film picturesque

    -Devoted blog reader since ben told me about it.

  14. I agree with Jacob.

    Although I’ve only been following your blog for a few months now, I really like the cherry blossoms. I think all of the others are gorgeous, but the cherry blossoms are synonymous with 24:00 in my opinion.

    I think they (the cherry blossoms) are nice because they look like the style of your photos, but they don’t necessarily look like the pictures you normally post, which is a nice contrast and brings consistency from post to post, regardless of where you are in the world.

    • I agree with these guys….
      keep the cherry blossoms for now (that would make me happy!) and then change the banner when you get home, if you’d like!!

  15. taking a vice for a first time since im reading you wonderfull blog – i love 5 or 7 – perfect to show where are you and nice looking as a photo.

  16. Too difficult :) everytime I’d try and make a decision I’d change my mind…..
    Nonetheless I guess I would choose 5 or 6, as they seem to represent 24:00 best….but honestly they are all good choices. T_T

  17. i like the idea of having them rotate everytime a user logs on to your site. if i had to pick one considering the usage of type, i’d go #7. the type would fit snugly in the top right corner. = b

  18. I love #1 and 6. Altho 5 looks more glamour. 6 looks like the dawn of the day, yet 1 looks so mundane that it works cos u know u capture the essence of every day life, how interesting things are. \(^_^)/

  19. #3 and #6 are my favorites……..maybe #6 edges out just a bit. It’s a gorgeous photo, a great example of life in Japan….lots of individual things going on to make one complete photo. I bet there are a lot of stories in that one photo, which is the way I view the direction of your blog……lots of stories making one, big picture of your life/adventures.

  20. that’s a tough one. I really like numbers 6 and 7 though.
    ps GUESS WHAT! this morning I forced myself to try the natto being served in my cafeteria. To my surprise I actually liked it this time. I downed the whole serving and was looking for more.
    I thought you’d be proud. haha

  21. Five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although I may be partial.

    Since I was there and all when you took it.

  22. hi! (this is my first time commenting on your blog)
    i really like number 3, but nº 6 and 7 are great too, so i’d take one of these three.

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