Hattifnatt Cafe, Koenji


Kirk showed me Hattifnatt a while ago – you may remember the cute painted walls. We only had dessert that time though so when Nozomi and I met for lunch the other day and after we hmm’d and haww’d for a few minutes about where to eat I suggested this place. The lunch was just as good as the desserts.



I got the Avocado Taco Rice – have you noticed I’m a fan of this dish? I’m always pretty happy to find it on a menu. I must warn you though, if you’re looking for Mexican food in Japan – taco rice is not it. Haha Taco rice is Japanese Mexican food. You know, just like how we have our ultra cheesy American Mexican food in the states.

Nozomi got the tomato taco rice - lots of tomatoes with crushed tortilla chips on top

Nozomi got the tomato taco rice - similar to mine but topped with lots of tomatoes with crushed tortilla chips

You can’t really tell from the first picture but that door is really tiny (I had to duck!) and so is the place. Its kind of like going into someone’s treehouse. What a cute idea.


CIMG2360 CIMG2356



Its on a really adorable street too! There’s a shop next door thats just full of cubbyholes people can rent to sell their art/jewelry/stationary, etc. I bought a cool beaded ring. Heh heh. Anyway when you go to Koenji (because if you go to Japan you MUST go to Koenji), stop at Hattifnatt – who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again?

Other News:

1) the banner stays!

2) I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop soon to sell prints of my film photos and my photo book. I’m just waiting until I get back in the states so it will be easier to deal with shipping. Have you used Etsy before? Do you recommend it or do you use a different site? For the book I’m thinking of self-publishing with Blurb. Any thoughts in that regard? Know of better options?

Thanks guys : )

oh ps: updates on allisonoconnor.com

10 responses to “Hattifnatt Cafe, Koenji

  1. Yes! Open an Etsy shop!!!! I can’t wait!!!

    That Taco Rice looks incredible. Might have to try to recreate it for myself – what exactly’s in it?

    • Actually yeah I’m planning to do that when I get back too. I think the basic components are: rice, ground meat or beans, a lot of lettuce, tomato, avocado, and because its Japan, like a teaspoon of cheese. Mine will definitely be an ‘American’ version – i.e. it will have like 12 tsp of cheese. lol maybe vegan cheese and soy meat though since I’m determined not to gain weight when I go back.

  2. you are making something that has to do with mounds of tomatoes and mexican cuisine when I get home.

  3. i think i’ve said this before, but this really is becoming one of my favorite blogs. your pictures.. i can see how they’re evolving and it’s the little wonderful things you capture! i don’t really know what to say, i just think you deserve to know how refreshing your blog is. great, great job. if you ever published your pictures in a book (and it is not too far off my budget..hehe) i wouldn’t think twice about buying it.

    • You are too kind! Thank you so much for following along! I’m glad I can keep your interest.
      Oh and don’t worry the book shouldn’t be toooo much I hope. : )

  4. Wonderful, as usual.
    That place is so cute,
    I told my boyfriend we should go when I’m in Japan.

    And yes, make an etsy shop!
    I’ve been trying out the blurb thing,
    it’s a little confusing but I think it will work overall!

    • Yeah it looks like a good date place. They have a fourth floor that you have to take that ladder up to so you can have your own space! how fun, ne?

  5. wow.. looks soo good..

    we really need to hang out soon..
    i leave in about 10 days..

  6. Ah, I love Etsy! I’m dying to print my photographs and sell them there, but I can’t until school begins again. Also, I’m self-publishing my self portraits with Blurb too. They just introduced this handy import-from-PDF feature that is going to make life so much easier!

  7. I love love etsy!! I have a shop and I buy way too many things on it. Yes definitely open an etsy shop so I can purchase your photos!

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