Pictures I don’t remember taking (film)

Heh heh… I did mention that that Tanabata boat cruise was 飲み放題 (all you can drink), right? And that we went to an izakaya to top it off afterwards? I just developed my most recent roll of film and it had a bunch of surprise photos on it! Let’s just call it experimental photography ok? Hahaha enjoy..



There were two others that just came out completely orange.





^ Not only does Michelle look adorable but the colors are incredible. I wonder what I did to make it come out that way…must practice drunk.. err.. experimental photography more often…

Mel is ever so lovely and composed : )

Mel is ever so lovely and composed : )

Ahh what a fun night.

MAN. Today was my last day of school!! Amazing how fast this year went by, yeah??

*click images for full view!


5 responses to “Pictures I don’t remember taking (film)

  1. Thank you for letting us enjoy your adventures in Japan. An opportinuty of a lifetime has been enjoyed by all of us who followed your adventure. Now come home we miss your terribly!

  2. wow i really dont remember taking a picture with Hanna And UT.

    Also that picture of me sitting looks AWESOME!!!!!!


    man your blog is awesome!!!

    luv it!!!

    yay skool is oveR!

  3. I love when the film turns up that way! It’s so unpredictable and fun! You never know what to expect when you get it developed :)

  4. these pictures are awesome! I really like the one of Michelle! haha, I wonder what you did to make the film orange. :D Maybe you opened the film when you were drunk?? ahaha.

    Congrats on being done with school!

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